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School of Communication Programs

Communication Studies

We communicate for many reasons and in many ways: to share knowledge and experiences, give or receive requests, or express our feelings. We use channels such as speaking, writing, sign language, gestures, and facial expressions to convey our thoughts. Communication can be one-way or transactional, intentional or unintentional, verbal or nonverbal, and it varies considerably in form and style with the scale on which it occurs.

If you major or minor in Communication Studies, you’ll take courses that include all aspects of message exchange. You’ll enjoy working with faculty who are experts in their areas. Performance and lecture class sizes are kept small to encourage interaction.


  • Communication Studies B.A.
  • Communication Studies Minor
  • Communication M.A.


Journalism & Media Studies

Are you someone who can't get enough of the latest headlines? Does advertising fascinate you? Are you a "people person"? Do you enjoy writing? If so, you may want to consider majoring in journalism. With this degree, you could find yourself covering world events for a major newspaper or TV network, reporting on sports for a local radio station or writing about entertainment on the Internet. Or you could use your research, writing, editing and people skills as a public relations or advertising professional. Regardless, with a B.A. in Journalism, you'll have what it takes to work in these tough yet often rewarding businesses.


  • Journalism B.A. - Strategic Communications Emphasis
  • Journalism B.A. - News & Multimedia Journalism Emphasis
  • Media Studies Minor