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About Us

The School of Communication at the University of Northern Colorado guides and coordinates the programs of Communication Studies (COMM) and Journalism and Media Studies (JMS). Together, the programs emphasize written, oral, visual and aural communication theory, practice and professional career application within a liberal arts, value-based education.

Employer surveys frequently show that “communication skills” are the number one trait they look for in new hires. The COMM major prepares students for a variety of occupations including consulting, sales, education, law, human resources, training and development and public office. Additionally for this reason, the minor in Communication Studies is an ideal complement to nearly any major.

The JMS major offers two career specializations: Strategic Communications and News and Multimedia Journalism. Based on the emphasis selected, students are prepared for careers in advertising, public/community relations, reporting, news correspondence, directing, broadcasting and editing.

While the curricula of the two programs complement one another, they remain distinct disciplines. There are significant differences in mission statements, teaching practices, and professional affiliations. Please refer to each program’s specific website for additional discipline-specific information. Despite those differences, COMM and JMS easily co-exist within the framework of a School, as the structure provides the opportunity for bigger and bolder points of integration.

The School of Communication is well-situated in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In tandem, the COMM and JMS programs reflect the critical, creative and interpretive dimensions of the humanities, as well as the empirical inquisitiveness and investigative strategies of the social sciences. Coupled with our programs’ commitments to career preparation, multicultural connections, and life-long learning, the School seeks to embody the best of the College and University’s goals and mission.