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URMAMA Welcomes You


Undergraduate Researchers Making Anthropology More Accessible (URMAMA) is a collaborative platform for the students of UNC Anthropology Department to share anthropological insights, write-ups, photo-essays, highlight their achievements and that of the department, and conduct interviews with the in-house faculty or visiting guests or scholars in the field.

URMAMA endeavors to showcase the strengths of anthropological praxis at the Anthropology Department at the UNC.

URMAMA is an effort to create a conversation outside the classroom between the students, faculty and the broader UNC campus family.

URMAMA aims to showcase anthropology, and its learning and merits, for the general public. 

How did URMAMA come about?

Dr. Ather Zia (Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies) and Anthropology student Gabrielle Scott conceptualized URMAMA as an opportunity for students to create a conversation around their learning and projects at the UNC Anthropology Department and to popularize Anthropology.

The name URMAMA comes from a collaboration between Gabrielle Scott and fellow Anthropology major Joanie Finch. They both wanted something that reflected the Anthropology Department’s intention of “Making Anthropology More Accessible.” It took many days to experiment with different words and phrases and finally URMAMA as an acronym and a zany word fit the bill perfectly. Furthermore, the Editor would like to thank Anthropology/Biology Graduate Paul McPhail for his assistance and guidance. 

How to get involved

Contact Ather Zia or Brooks Pardew for more info.