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Residence Hall Rates

The University of Northern Colorado requires all newly admitted students with less than 20 college credit hours earned after high school graduation (or equivalent), who are under 21, and are not living with their legal guardian in the local area must live in the UNC's housing system through the completion of the first academic year of their attendance.  (Local area is defined by school district - included school districts are Ault Highland RE-9, Eaton RE-2, Greeley District 6, Platte Valley RE-7, Poudre R-1, Thompson R-2J, Weld County RE-5J, Weld RE-1 and Windsor RE-4.

Credits earned through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) or concurrent enrollment with high school do not apply towards the live-on requirement.

First year students wishing to live off-campus may request an exemption.  We are unable to approve requests for exemption based on financial need, but make sure to talk to the Office of Financial Aid to see what options are available.

Below you will find a helpful chart that shows the rates for each of our residence halls.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Housing & Residential Education Offices at 970-351-2721.

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*Rates are subject to change pending approval by the Board of Trustees.
**All leases (contracts) are for the full academic year.  The academic year is from August 16, 2018 - May 4, 2019.  You are billed for housing 2 times during the academic year.  The first semester bill is in August for the fall term and the second semester bill is in January for the spring term.

tier 1 housing:

Belford Hall
Decker Hall
Gordon Hall
Sabin Hall
Snyder Hall
Wiebking Hall
Wilson Hall

Tier 1 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $5,090

Fall Bill - $2,545
Spring Bill - $2,545

Tier 2 Housing:

Harrison Hall
Snyder Hall - deluxe double rooms
Sabin Hall - deluxe double rooms

Tier 2 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $5,304

Fall Bill - $2,652
Spring Bill - $2,652

Tier 3 Housing:

Bond Hall
Brown Hall
Dickeson Hall
Hansen-Willis Hall
Lawrenson Hall - 2-Person Efficiency Rooms (Rooms with G/H as part of the room number)
Lujan Hall

Tier 3 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $5,804

Fall Bill - $2,902
Spring Bill - $2,902

Tier 4 Housing:

Lawrenson - 4-Person Suite
Turner Efficiencies - Small Stand Alone Single rooms - Room numbers ending in 11/12.

Tier 4 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $6,172

Fall Bill - $3,086
Spring Bill - $3,086

Tier 5 Housing:

Turner Suites

Tier 5 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $6,650

Fall Bill - $3,325
Spring Bill - $3,325

Tier 6 Housing:

North Hall
South Hall

Tier 6 Housing Rate:

**Academic Year - $6,916

Fall Bill - $3,458
Spring Bill - $3,458

Single Room Rates (Additional Charge):

Small Single Room
Rate does not apply to 11/12 stand-alone rooms in Turner Hall.

$250 per semester

Large Single Room
Rate does not apply to Turner Hall suites.

$500 per semester

Disability Support Services Approved Single Room Accommodations

As of October 1, 2017, Housing & Residential Education states students with disabilities approved for single rooms, or other requested accommodations required by Disability Support Services, as housing accommodations are not charged a supplemental single-room premium or room buyout charge solely because of the need for the accommodation.

Note: Students living in Harrison Hall, Lawrenson Hall, or Arlington Park Apartments can stay in their rooms during winter and spring breaks. All other students who wish to stay on campus during the break periods will be placed in temporary housing.