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Move-In Information

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Hall Move-In Information check_circle

Move-In Day: 

The residence halls open for fall semester on Thursday, August 22, 2019, at 8 a.m.

If you are registered and attending the New Student Orientation program for out of state students on August 19-20, 2019, you are eligible to arrive on Sunday, August 18, 2019.  

Dollies and carts will be available for use on both Central and West campuses; however, please feel free to bring your own if you have one. Students moving into the residence halls should check-in with their Resident Assistant (RA) to receive their key.

West Campus Check-In Locations:
Students living in the following halls will check in at their respective front desks:

  • Harrison Hall
  • Lawrenson Hall
  • North Hall
  • South Hall
  • Turner Hall

Central Campus Check-In Location:
Check in at Gordon Hall patio for the following halls:

  • Belford Hall
  • Gordon Hall
  • Hansen-Willis Hall
  • Sabin Hall
  • Snyder Hall

Check-in for the following halls, will check-in at their respective front desks:

  • Wilson Hall
  • Wiebking Hall

Check-in on the front lawn of Presidents Row:

  • Bond Hall
  • Brown Hall
  • Dickeson Hall
  • Lujan Hall

Arlington Park Apartments:
If you are living in the Arlington Park Apartments, check-in at the Arlington Park Office which is located at 2315 9th Avenue, Suite #: 1106, Greeley, CO 80631.

University-Owned Houses:
If you are living in Trotter House, you will check-in at Hansen-Willis Hall. The personnel at the Hansen-Willis front desk will be available for assistance. 

If you are living in one of the 10th Avenue Houses (Berkenkotter, Fuller, Fults, Horst or Keil)  you will check-in at the front desk at Arlington Park Apartments. The personnel at the Arlington Park Apartments front desk will be available for assistance.

Parking Information local_parking

Twenty-minute loading areas will be available during move-in on Thursday and Friday. We ask that items are unloaded quickly so all students can utilize these areas. Please refer to the UNC parking map for more information.

Bear Welcome Events date_range

Bear Welcome events are planned to help students make the adjustment to UNC and your new home. There are many opportunities for students to get involved on campus from the moment they arrive. Whether it's meeting new people, getting involved in campus activities, or finding that part-time job, UNC has something for you.

Bear Welcome events are planned throughout campus to help make students transition to UNC easier.  There are multiple activities of all different types offered throughout each day.  Arriving on Thursday will help make sure you can take advantage of all the activities that are offered with the rest of your communities.  You’ll be able to meet new people, get to know your roommates and floor mates, find a part-time job, and get involved.  There’s something for everyone. Check out additional events going on around campus on the Student Activities web page.

Technology on Campus important_devices

Housing & Residential Education at UNC is pleased to offer some excellent technologies in our facilities. We work hard to provide both wireless and wired connections in student bedrooms. For devices that have a wired network connection an ethernet cable is always advised for the most reliable and fastest connections. We offer an option for students to use a VoIP phone in most of our facilities, however, these phones are being replaced by digital display signs with speakers in corridors for emergency notifications. 

We encourage students not to bring a printer with them and instead take advantage of our BearPrint stations.  Students wanting to bring a printer should purchase a wired printer to be connected directly to a computer by USB cable rather than a wireless one.

Students may also enjoy content via the televisions in most lounges and lobbies by using an HMDI cable.  Internet connected game stations, Smart TVs, DVD/Blue Ray Players, Apple TVs, Roku devices etc. can generally be connected to the UNC network through a wired connection after being enabled by Information Management & Technology. Any students having issues with the technologies in the hall are encouraged to contact their office or front desk for support and next steps.

Getting Around Campus directions_bus

UNC students ride free on the Greeley-Evans Transit bus system. Check out the bus routes for getting around Greeley.