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Student Honors Council Officers

Below is a list of Officers in Student Honors Council which includes their picture and a brief bio. You can also find their contact information here.


President - Sydney McVicker


Imagine a place where everyone is considered a leader. Somewhere diversity is embraced, and cultural differences embodied. Rainbows light the sky and unicorns roam free. A welcoming environment that anyone can call home. Celebrations of equity and inclusion, of both success and failure; this is a place we can all strive to create. Sydney McVicker believes this idea is not only possible, but we have the ability to make it a reality. As a sophomore at UNC, she is working towards completing a Psychology degree, Leadership Studies minor, and both the lower and upper division Honors Programs. She is a Diversity Mentor in Harrison Hall, and strives to be well versed in social justice. Passion drives her to make long lasting relationships, and to motivate others to speak for what they believe. In an uncertain society, Sydney believes anyone can make an impact big enough to change the world.

 BP Reeves

Vice President - BP Reeves


Player Name: BP Reeves

Character Name: BP the V.P. (Vice President)

Class: Sophomore

Specialization: Chemist

Level: 18

Skills: Reading, Drawing, Writing, Video games, Dungeons & Dragons

Future levels: Become forensic analyst or crime scene investigator. Open own Dungeons and Dragons themed restaurant.


Treasurer - Katie Dorman


Katie is a senior at UNC and she is majoring in Earth Environmental Science and minoring in Business. Katie has been in the Honors program since her freshman year and she is currently working on her Upper Division Honors thesis project. She loves to go camping and exploring with her twin sister in the mountains whenever she gets the chance! Katie has been passionate about the environment and sustainability since a young age and she is the treasurer for the Student Honors Council and for Student LEAF. Katie enjoys helping to make a positive impact on the UNC community and she hopes to work in water resource management someday.


Fundraising Committee Chair - Jewel Monington


Jewel is a Speech Pathology major who is currently working on her thesis. When she was in high school she received her Gold Award, and learned good fundraising tactics when during the process. Jewel graduated early from high school and plans on doing the same thing in college. Her passions include watching Netflix long into the evening and learning random facts. In the end she tries to just go with the flow and do the she can with her circumstances.


Event Planning Chair - Tarrin Flaherty

 Tarrin is a second-year student studying speech language pathology and audiology. She started the honors program as a freshman and is continuing to work towards completing the Lower Division of honors. This year she stands as the Event Coordinator for the Student Honors Council as well as became the Resident Assistant for the Honors Residential Learning Community, focusing on encouraging people to get involved and think critically both in and out of the classroom. Her passions are reading, writing, board games, tortoise -care, and sewing. She has held three different jobs at UNC and wants to spend the rest of her time here improving the community that she already loves.

 Julia Sobczak

Public Relations - Julia Socczak


Julia is a junior looking to pursue a Secondary Education degree in Mathematics, she enjoys discussing math, playing ukulele, and hiking large mountains. Julia is also a member of the Pride of the Rockies Marching Band and encourages everyone to attend football games and campus activities to hear some super cool music. Julia was a Teaching Assistant for Honors 101 fall of 2016.

Ace Spitzer

Secretary - Ace Spitzer


Ace is a Senior Biology Student working on his UHP thesis. This is his first year on the SHC council and plans to use his experience in the AmeriCorps NCCC program to develop volunteer opportunities for honors students in Weld and Larimer counties. All of his free time is devoted to training in Chinese kenpo and watching The Last Airbender.

 Ashley Jones

General Council Member - Ashley Jones


Ashley is a first year student pursuing a degree in Secondary English Education and is starting on her TESL endorsement. She is a fourth generation Colorado native from Thornton, and she doesn't want to leave. In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar, and sending letters to her younger brother, who is attending school in Texas. This is her first year in SHC, and she hopes that she can continue to grow within the community.

 Joshua Wiggins

General Council Member - Joshua Wiggins 


Imagine yourself to be a young woman in her mid-twenties, who, having only recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, is looking for love. You meet a young man in an obscure coffee shop that seems to sell more ceramics than it does actual coffee, and the two of you hit it off immediately. However, at the end of the breakfast, as he takes one final bite of the packet of Goldfishâ„¢ (the crackers, not the fish) you had purchased, he confesses that he must immediately return to Spain to help his uncle on their goldfish (the fish, not the crackers) farm before the season was over and harvest was to begin. As he collects his belongings and dashes out the door, he leaves behind a pamphlet advertising a masquerade ball happening in three weeks' time. Undaunted, you prepare to go to the gala, only to discover at the gate that it was exclusively for Cantonese sojourners within the city as a sort of political get together, and no, there were certainly no Spaniards invited. Aghast, you wander the streets of the park near your apartment complex, where you run into an old summer fling from your high school years, fall for him once more, and before you realize exactly what had happened thirty years of marriage have flown by. Your two children, Xavier and Amanda, are darlings. That's what being Joshua Wiggins is like.

Also, he really likes books and is pursuing a degree in English. He doesn't quite know what he wants to do with himself, but no one does either, so that's quite alright.


General Council Member - Ethan Thompson 

Loree Crow

SHC Advisor - Loree Crow


Loree Crow is the Honors Program Director and co-advises the Student Honors Council. Her full profile can be found here, at the Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership website.

 Sarah Zwetzig

SHC Advisor - Sarah Zwetzig 

(970) 351-1428

Sarah is entering her third-year in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D program.  She graduated from Colorado Mesa University with her B.A. in Counseling Psychology in 2014, and graduated from the Honors program.  Her interests include feminist theory, community psychology, and integrated care.  Sarah is new to the HSL Office, and is excited to get involved with students this school year!  She views student development as being holistic, in which all facets of an individual can contribute to success.  She believes in being flexible in learning and leadership to reach goals and build relationships.