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Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership Staff

Below is a list of the staff members at the Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership.  You can also find their contact information here.

Loree Crow

Director for Honors and Scholars - 

Loree Crow, M.A.

(970) 351-2948

I have been with the UNC Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership since January 2008 and at University of Northern Colorado since March of 2006. I have a B.A. in Social Science, with a minor in Business Administration, from California State University Stanislaus and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from University of Northern Colorado. My academic interests include developing innovative honors curriculum and integrating civic engagement into learning. I also love medieval history, and spend a great deal of time outdoors with my family hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

Margaret Kelley

Honors Program Faculty Fellow -

Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, Ph.D.

(970) 351-2220

Prof. Bovaird-Abbo's areas of special interest include medieval language and literature, particularly Middle English and Arthurian studies, and she regularly teaches classes on Old English, Middle English, History of the English Language, Linguistics, the Arthurian Legend (medieval to modern), and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Her current research project explores the effects of gender and class on depictions of the Arthurian character of Gawain in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Middle English romances, particularly in terms of Gawain’s interactions with women and younger knights, as a reflection of changing values among the English gentry.

Her wider research and teaching interests include linguistics, James Joyce, Victorian poetry, drama, mythology, and medievalism. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with her family and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Office Hours at The Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership are: MWF 11:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Read more about Kristin Bovaird-Abbo

Margaret Kelley

Office Administrative Assistant -

Margaret McKeown Kelley

(970) 351-4054

Margaret is the Administrative Assistant here at the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership. She enjoys working with the students, staff and faculty at UNC. There is never a dull moment in the Center for HSL offices.  In addition to being the Administrative Assistant for the Honors Program, Margaret is also the Administrative Assistant for the Life of the Mind program which includes the Schulze Speaker Series. Margaret has a B.S. in Business Management Administration Science from UNC and in her spare time she loves to cook, read, and go on long walks.  She especially enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Go Bears!

Danielle Pacheco

Coordinator for Communications,

Planning, and Advising - Danielle Pacheco


Danielle is entering her second year in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Masters program.  She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in Communication.  She enjoys working with diverse students and helping first generation students navigate the higher education system.  In the coming academic year she is looking forward to assisting and advising the The Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership students.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family.


Adam Zhao

Coordinator for Honors & Leadership

Curriculum Design, Assessment &

Research - Adam Zhao

(970) 351-1428

Adam (he, him, his) is a third-year Counseling Psychology doctoral student. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2015 with dual degrees in psychology and neurobiology as well as Honors and Writers’ House citations. His current research interests are the intersection of mental health with social justice, cultural empathy, narratives of individuals with marginalized identities and popular media representation, acculturation, and the therapeutic working alliance. When not faced with the existential dread of navigating all of these considerations in graduate school and society as a whole, Adam enjoys playing or watching basketball, going to concerts, weightlifting, playing Magic the Gathering and board games, exploring cool new hikes, and pretending to be a creative writer. Feel free to stop in and chat with him about any fun shenanigans or higher education or anything in between!

 Grace Davis  

HSL Office Assistant - Grace Davis


Grace C. Davis (she/her/hers) is an undergraduate Anthropology major and minoring in Gender Studies. She is actively involved in the Honors program and is a part of the Honors interdisciplinary Program, Upper Division Program, Student Honors Council, and is a Fall 2019 teaching assistant for HON 101. Apart from working at UNC, she focuses on her undergraduate research titled, The Liminal Experiences of Queer-Christian Undergraduate Students at the University of Northern Colorado. Grace is also an editor for UNC's Undergraduate Researchers Making Anthropology More Accessible (URMAMA) and regularly can be found reading a book. Excited to be starting the 2019 academic year as a Reisher Continuing Scholar, Grace looks forward to learning more about the world around her. 

Katie Haskins

HSL Office Assistant - Katie Haskins 


Katie is a sophomore at UNC and is new to the Honors Office. She is currently working on a music business degree, which she hopes to use to turn run-down movie theaters into community music centers.  When she isn’t singing in the shower or with UNC’s Women’s Glee, she is writing her own music and binge-watching episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  At home in Nebraska, Katie enjoys feeding baby calves and going for long walks along the corn fields with her majestic cat “Bear”.

Danielle Magasano

 HSL Office Assistant - Dani Magasano 


Hi! My name is Dani Magasano, and I'm an HSL office assistant. Currently a sophomore, I'm majoring in business administration with an emphasis in finance and a minor in mathematics. I hope to get a career in financial analysis and/or real estate development. I'm in HIP doing a self-designed leadership track. I also serve on Student Honors Council as the treasurer. 

Isabel Martinez-Venegas

Senior Honors Office Assistant -

Isabel Martinez-Venegas


I am a sophomore at UNC and I am working on a degree in Biology with a Pre-health and Biomedical Concentration and a minor in Chemistry.  I am hoping to graduate in just 3 years and go straight into a Veterinary Medicine program.  I have a passion to help animals large and small, scaly and furry. I enjoy cooking, reading and going on walks in my free time. I am also part of UNC’s Ethics Bowl team where we debate ethical dilemmas in today’s society.  


Shukuru Rushanika

HSL Office Assistant - Shukuru (Shaq) Rushanika


I’m a biology major with a pre-health emphasis and my current favorite food is sushi.  I am also a recruiter for the Honors program as well a very involved student within the program.


Casey Ryder

Marketing & Graphic Design Assistant -

Casey Ryder


Casey is a junior here at UNC and recently joined the Honors Office as the Marketing and Graphic Design Assistant. She is double majoring in Psychology and Graphic Design, and also is a part of the Honors Program. She is also a part of the Pride of the Rockies Marching Band in the fall, and plays percussion in the front ensemble. In her free time she enjoys relaxing to some good music, watching TV, doing anything creative, or traveling with her family and friends. During the summers she enjoys working with children as a camp counselor in the foot hills of Boulder, Colorado.

Collin Slutzky 

HSL Assessment Assistant - Collin Slutzky


Collin is a 5th year student at UNC and is new to the HSL office. He works as an assessment coordinator and general assistant. Collin is a double major in Mathematics and Economics, participates in Upper Division Honors, and is a McNair Scholar. He also works in the Tutoring Center and is a TA for HON 101. In his free time Collin enjoys playing guitar, going to rock concerts, and playing video games.