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Research Day - April 5, 2018

Research Day welcomes students, both graduate and undergraduate, to present their research in a daylong celebration. All Research Day activities take place at the University Center from 9 AM - 4 PM. Faculty are encouraged to require their classes to attend Research Day as spectators to discover the wide variety of student research taking place on campus. All rooms have sign-in sheets in order for accurate recording of attendance. Contact the Center for Honors, Scholars & Leadership at hsl@unco.edu for more information.

To SEE online program for Research Day Click HERE:


To Dowload the pdf of the Research Day Schedule:

Research Day 2018 PDF Schedule at a Glance

Sessions at Research day

Oral Research Sessions

The oral presentations are held in one of the University Center conference rooms (Spruce, Aspen, Columbine or Council room), based on the size of room you request. Due to discipline-based groupings, presenters will now initially select either a morning or an afternoon 3-hour time block for their presentations. The Center for HSL will, as per usual, assign presenters a room and a one-hour block of time from the information given in the presenters' application. Presenters may find that their assigned time conflicts with normally scheduled classes.  In order to continue to promote undergraduate research and scholarly work at UNC, the Research Day planning team encourages instructors to either reassign classes on that Thursday to attend Research Day or at a minimum excuse those students who are presenting, in the same manner that student athletes are excused for athletic events. Oral presentations may be organized for an individual presenter or a panel of presenters. Panels may include a faculty member. Individual presenters must be either undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at UNC.

Each presentation is scheduled for 15 minutes in one hour session blocks. You may utilize the time based on your needs, such as 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Individuals may also request a 30 minute time slot for longer presentations or panels, and instructors or groups may request a 1 hour time slot for class or group presentations. E-mail hsl@unco.edu with any issues you experience or for any special needs.

Poster Presentations

Posters are displayed in a group poster session. Posters may be displayed for individual research projects, creative projects, applied projects, class projects, group projects, or for faculty-led research with student participation. Poster boards or panels for hanging posters may be available only on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Providing your own presentation board that can be freestanding is recommended.

There are the three sessions for Poster presentations:

10:00 AM - Noon All disciplines
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM: All Disciplines
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM: School of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Poster Display

Poster Guidelines and Poster Printing Information

For more information on posters, and information on how to have a large format poster printed for you, go to the MAST Website.


Call for Proposals-CLOSED FOR 2018

Submit your Research Day abstract via URSA.  Faculty may submit on behalf of their students via the URSA faculty tab, or students may directly upload their research application and abstract via their URSA student tab.  Students must list a valid faculty mentor e-mail.  If a student has an off campus mentor, they should contact the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership at hsl@unco.edu prior to uploading their abstract.

  • LINK TO URSA (Then go to Faculty, Staff or Student tab and scroll down to the Research Day Submission box)

Important Information about the Application Process:

The scheduling of rooms for oral presentations will be first come, first served, as the web application will automatically schedule rooms and times. Please submit your application early rather than waiting until the deadline! Research Day was one of many events recognizing academic excellence during Academic Excellence Week, and was coordinated by the Office for Undergraduate Research and the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership. The full schedule of AEW activities and additional information on Research Day is available here.

Requirements for the Application:

Time Slot Selections
  • Sessions will be scheduled after the application deadline based on discipline, topic, or requests from the faculty mentors. When you submit your application you will choose either Morning or Afternoon.  
  • You will be assigned a time slot within a one hour session, and even if you are only presenting for 15 minutes, you will be required to attend your entire one hour session.
  • You have the option of choosing your length of presentation ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. One hour sessions are primarily reserved for those that are presenting as a panel or for full class presentations. Please do not select a full hour time slot unless your faculty member has requested that selection

Presenters Information
  • You must have the bear e-mail addresses of all student presenters and the unco.edu e-mail address for your faculty sponsor in order to list them on the application.
  • Only 10 student presenters may be loaded through the URSA form. If you have more than 10 presenters, please email the additional names to hsl@unco.edu with your presentation confirmation number.
  • Only the "primary" presenter will receive communication e-mails about Research Day.
  • Please check your bear mail account for the email confirmation from Research Day which will be sent the week of March 21st.
  • The faculty sponsor may submit the application for the student presenters (using the faculty tab in URSA), in which case the faculty member must have all of the bears e-mail addresses for the student presenters in order to list them on the application.

Projectors and laptops

Projectors will be available in every room along with a PC laptop. You should bring your presentation on a USB drive to load on the laptop in the room you will be using.

Acceptance into Research Day

All applications that submit suitable research will be accepted into Research Day provided the following:

  • The Student is currently registered at UNC in either an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Undergraduate students have a faculty sponsor.


Research Excellence Awards (REA)

Students are encouraged to submit their own research proposals for presentation; however, the faculty mentor or a related administrative staff person may also submit the application. Any problems with the submission should be addressed to hsl@unco.edu

For complete information about the Research Excellence Awards, please go to the REA page.

  • REA accepts finalists in three categories: Humanities/Arts, Natural & Health Sciences, and Social Science/Education/Business. Approximately 3 finalists will be selected in each category for both undergraduates and graduates, posters and oral presentations.
  • Check the box for Research Excellence Awards if you would like your presentation to be considered for the Awards program. Note that if you are presenting in an oral session and are selected for the Awards program, you will be moved to present in a different room. We will contact you by March 25 if you are accepted into the Research Excellence Awards Program.
  • For Oral Presentations: Only single sessions (15 minutes) will be permitted into Research Excellence Awards.  You may also present in a regular session with a longer presentation. 
  • Poster Presenters may be asked to reschedule into a specific poster session.
  • Faculty are not allowed to present as part of a Research Excellence Award presentation. Teams are allowed, but each member must be a UNC student. 
  • All Undergraduate REA finalists will have their abstract printed in UNC's Undergraduate Research Journal, Ursidae. By clicking the box to apply for REA, you are giving permission to have your abstract published by UNC.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts should include information that is pertinent to a general audience. Please include an opening statement that highlights the significance of your project. Include information in the body of the abstract about research methodology, and preliminary results, if applicable. An overview of what the audience will experience in the presentation or view on the poster may be appropriate.
  • An abstract must be submitted at the time of application. The abstract must be no more than 300 words. It is recommended that you compose your abstract in a separate document, then copy and paste it into the form.
  • Abstracts should include:  the central purpose of the research or project, a brief discussion of research methodology as applicable, and research conclusions either final or anticipated. 
  • The title and abstract will be listed exactly as you post them on the application. Please PROOF your title and abstract before submitting.
  • Abstracts will be posted in the downloadable version of the program. The printed program will have the titles only.
  • Your research will be selected for the awards competition based on the abstract along with the criteria mentioned above.

Research Excellence Awards Abstract Evaluation Forms

More Information

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