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Welcome to the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership!

Established in 2005, the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership (HSL) enriches the university campus through academic opportunity, scholarship, leadership, civic engagement and community service. The seven university programs that operate out of the center bring together diverse and active students who share a common goal of making the most of their college academic experience. 

HSL Programs

The University Honors Program, Life of the Mind, McNair Scholars Program, Leadership Studies, Reisher Family Scholarship Program and Stryker Institute for Leadership Development each has its own eligibility requirements and distinctive program characteristics. The Schulze Endowment fosters a university-wide interest in interdisciplinary studies with various activities. Collectively, the seven programs provide a broad spectrum of academic enrichment opportunities for students on the university campus.

See for yourself how the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership can help you get the most out of your University of Northern Colorado experience!

Discover UNC 2016Honors Program

Are you looking to challenge yourself and want to become a better problem solver in the world? The University Honors Programs are designed to foster outstanding students by providing a small community of intellectually-challenging peers with extra faculty attention and the tools to learn how to think critically and make connections between disciplines and then how to dive deep into today’s problems, issues and cutting edge research challenges.

UNC Honors Program is now accepting applications for Fall 2019 Admission.

CLA 2016

Leadership Studies

The Leadership Studies at the University of Northern Colorado defines leadership as a process of social influence, which develops the capacity of a human community to bring forth new realities. e view the practice of leadership as one that is founded on inclusive excellence; where the success of a community is dependent on the degree to which leaders value and engage the rich social diversity and strengths of its citizens. The Leadership Studies program will prepare you to respond to the rapidly changing demands of our communities and to rise to the challenge as an active agent of change. We invite you to join our community of leader-scholars and help bring leadership education to life!

McNair Scholars Program

This program provides disadvantaged college students with effective preparation for doctoral study through research and scholarly activities.

Life of the Mind Program

This program consists of a set of interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Core courses that cross the boundaries of traditional academic program to deal with broad intellectual concerns.

Reisher Family Scholarship

This scholarship is for qualified recipients who show promise of making a future contribution to the community through service, leadership, work or unique experiences.

Stryker Institute for Leadership Development

This institute supports the personal, social, and academic achievement of women from underrepresented groups at UNC.


The Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership collaborates with university and community groups to provide programs and events for the campus at large. Student Honors Council also hosts a variety of events throughout the semester that provide opportunities for students to participate in social events, fundraising, and community service projects.

Signature Events

UNC Research Day, Thursday, April 11 at UNC University Center

UNC’s Research Day welcomes students, both graduate and undergraduate, to present their research, creative works and scholarly projects in a day long celebration. All Research Day activities take place at the University Center.  Students present their projects either in individual break-out rooms as oral presentations from 9 AM - 4 PM, as poster presentations in one of three poster sessions in the Ballrooms, or NEW THIS YEAR: in roundtables.  The entire campus community, high school students and the general public are welcome to attend Research Day, view student research projects, and help the students celebrate their scholarly accomplishments.  Over 300 Students are expected at this event presenting over 200 different poster and oral sessions demonstrating the exceptional level of scholarly work at UNC. Research Excellence Award competition is held in conjunction with Research Day.

All presenters must submit an on line application via Ursa by March 1, 2019.  Application opens January 15. Learn more about Research Day.

Spring Banquet - April 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

The Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership Spring Banquet recognizes graduating Honors Program Seniors, along with the scholarship and award winners from 2018-2019 academic year.  Family members are invited to attend to join us in this celebration of achievement.