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Honor Roll 2016-2017

Active Endowments

Thank you to our generous donors for creating and supporting endowed funds at UNC. Endowments allow UNC to support designated programs long beyond the initial gift. If you have questions or corrections to the UNC Donor Honor Roll, please contact (970) 351-2551 or donor.relations@unco.edu.

# & A

2-10-12 Music Scholarship
Agnes M. Biegel Nursing Scholarship
Alice Amen Heinz Nursing Scholarship
Alice D. Dalton Memorial Football Scholarship
Alice S. Church Memorial Scholarship
Allen & Lily Huang Scholarship
Allen McConnell Distinguished Chair
Aloha Scholarship
Alumni Association Program
Alumni Association Scholarship
Alumni Class Reunion Scholarship
Alvin E. Barnhart
Amy Smart Memorial Scholarship
Anderson A. Cordill Memorial Scholarship
Andrew & Mona Nurski Education Scholarship
Ann & John Michaelis Scholarship
Ann Garrison Scholarship
Anna C. Petteys UNC International Memorial Scholarship
Ann-Caroline & Zeph Fogerson Scholarship
Anthony & Marian Menk Music Scholarship
Arno H. Luker Scholarship
Arthur & June Reynolds Graduate School Scholarship
Arthur R. Partridge Educational Leadership Scholarship
Asian Pacific American Student (APASS) Scholarship
Athletics Grant In Aid Enhancement Scholarship
Augusta Klavon Oyster Fund


B. William Van Loo Memorial Award In Theater Design
Banner Health Distinguished Professorship in Nursing
Barbara Heidger Memorial Honors Opportunity Scholarship
Barnard Nelson Family Mental Health
Barnard Nelson Family Psychology
Bart Brown Memorial Wrestling Scholarship
Beatrice Heimerl Educational Research & Statistics Graduate Fellowship
Becky Gilbert Little Theatre of the Rockies
Becky R. Edgerton Memorial Honors Scholarship
Benjamin F. Byerly Memorial Scholarship
Bernetta Hartman Austin Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Communication
Bernice E. Magnie Visual Arts Scholarship
Bernie Kinnick Higher Education & Student Affairs Research
Berta & Rudolph Singer Scholarship
Beta Alpha Psi Charter Sponsor
Beta Alpha Psi/Professional Accounting Association Scholarship
Beth V. Richards Musical Theatre Scholarship
Beulah M. Moses Science
Bill & Carol Gossard Scholarship
Bill D. & Bonnie E. Cox Accounting Scholarship
Billie John Hasenkamp Scholarship
Biological Sciences Alumni Scholarship
Blue & Gold Athletic Award
Board of Trustees Scholarship
Bob & Bonnie Phelps Family Fund
Bob & Bonnie Phelps Family NHS Research
Bob & Dede Bischoff Scholarship
Bob & Sallie Johnson Piano Performance Scholarship
Bowers-Higer Memorial Scholarship
Bresnahan/Halstead Center Fund
Brian Bayman Graduate Saxophone Memorial Scholarship
Bruce & Laura White Athletic Scholarship
Buck Rollins Memorial Football Scholarship
Bucknell Memorial Scholarship
Bud Best Baseball Scholarship
Buddy Baker Trombone Scholarship


Candace Conroy Memorial Scholarship
Candelaria Scholarship for Hispanic Students
Carena Lee-Jex Scholarship
Carlos & Alice (Aguayo) Leal Education Scholarship
Carmel E. Sandoval Memorial Scholarship in Education
Carol & Bill Gearheart Special Education Scholarship
Carole Anderson Art Scholarship
Carole Schneider Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute Scholarship
Carole V. Anderson Memorial
Carolyn Cody Trailblazer's Scholarship for Women's Sports
Carroll & Jean SoRelle Scholarship
Carroll Gilbert Scholarship
Centennial Rotary Club Memorial Scholarship
Cesar Chavez Scholarship for Criminal Justice
Charles & Madonna Romine Scholarship
Charlotte, Ruby, & Vesta Junge Scholarship
Charmaine Purdy Coppom Scholarship
Chemistry/Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Research
Cheryl Fagerberg Memorial Scholarship
Cheryl Kisling Crouch Scholarship
Claire Pedigo Weaver Fund
Clara Lloyd Early Childhood/Special Education Scholarship
College of NHS Student Research
Colorado Insurance & Business Education Foundation Investment Fund
Colorado License Plate
Colorado Math Contest
Colorado Multitribal Scholarship at UNC
Communication Disorders Alumni Award
Cross Family Memorial Scholarship/Loan
Cultural Appreciation Program
Cumbres Scholarship


Dale Dykins Award
Dan Libera Memorial Scholarship
David & Dawn Grapes School of Theatre Arts & Dance Director's Award
David Hunter Memorial Earth Science
Deborah Francis Scholarship
Debra Lynn Davis Memorial Scholarship
Della A. Young Fernley Memorial Scholarship
Della B. McDonald Memorial Scholarship
Delta Tau Delta Scholarship
Dennis Morimoto Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship
Denver Broncos Athletic Scholarship
Denver Investment Advisors Fund
Dick Odle Men's Golf Scholarship
Dinner Scholarship for Excellence
Don & JoAnn Mueller Family Theatre Scholarship
Don E. Bruner Memorial History Scholarship
Don Herdman Memorial Scholarship
Don V. & Dwylia Felt Scholarship
Donald & Karen Bailey Choral
Dorothea Weber Wallace Memorial Scholarship
Dorothie Weigandt Stillwell Scholarship
Dorothy A. Romans College of Education Scholarship
Dorothy A. Romans Highland High School Scholarship
Dorothy D. Sandusky Scholarship for Rural Education
Dorothy E. Smith Education Scholarship
Dorothy M. Ingstrom Fund
Dorothy R. Seiwell Elementary Education
Dorothy Sampson Farlow Memorial Scholarship
Douglas Adams Memorial
Dr. A. M. Winchester Award
Dr. A. O. Mosbo Teacher Education Scholarship
Dr. A.W. (Bill) & Dorothy L. Hermann Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Albert M. Winchester Graduate Fellowship in Biology
Dr. Barry Rothaus Fund
Dr. Edward J. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ginny Gramzow Kinnick Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship
Dr. Jack Shaw Scholarship
Dr. James Fittz Cello Scholarship
Dr. John A. Beel Scholarship
Dr. Jongrak Krainam Scholarship
Dr. Kathryn Whitaker Educational Leadership Scholarship
Dr. Lloyd & Linda Kinnison Special Education Scholarship
Dr. Patrick & Dorothy Sullivan Scholarship


E.J. "Doc" & Donna Hesse Vote of Confidence Arts Award
Earl & Edna Kusma Wood Family Scholarship Incentive
Earl & Edna Kusma Wood Family Urban Education Scholarship
Earl B. & Edna L. Kusma Wood Family Recognition of Excellence Scholarship
Ed Nelson Memorial Jazz Scholarship
Edith K. St. John Special Education Fund
Edith M. Selberg Scholarship
Edna M. Hoydar Memorial Music Scholarship in Voice
Edward James Nicholas, Jr. Scholarship
Eleanor L. Foote Special Education Program
Eleanor S. & Alma J. Dickerson Scholarship
Eleanor W. Turner Award for Excellence in Music
Elementary Education Graduate Scholarship
Elizabeth & John S. Welling Scholarship
Elizabeth Pierschbacher Library
Ellinger Award for Painters of Promise
Elmer O. Boone & Elizabeth A. Boone K-12 Teaching Scholarship
Elza L. Daugherty Memorial Scholarship
Emeritus Faculty Association Scholarship
Emily R. & Gerald S. Leischuck Educational Scholarship
Emma Lubbers Master of Arts in Teaching Scholarship
Emma Lubbers Teacher Education Scholarship
Erika Lynn Miller Memorial Scholarship
Esther Abell Denton Scholarship
Eugene Carter & Minnie Childs Price Scholastic Memorial
Eugene D. & Peggy J. Koplitz Honors Forum
Eugene D. & Peggy J. Koplitz Scholarship
Eva Kuykendall Nursing Scholarship
Excellence in Geographic Information Science Scholarship


Faculty Development Fund
Faculty Senate Scholarship
Fadner Memorial for Undergraduate Physics Research
Farr Family Scholarship
Financial Aid Scholarship
Finley-Ledall Scholars
Fleta Craig Memorial Scholarship
Flood & Peterson Scholars Award
Florence M. Barnes in Performing & Visual Arts
Florence M. Barnes in Physics
Floyd Merrill Award
Forness Minority Scholarship in Special Education
Fran Sixkiller Memorial Scholarship
Frances D. Gilbert Cumbres Scholarship
Frank & Betty Ottesen Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship
Franklin D. & Catherine Will Yoder Scholarship
Fred Myers Award for Excellence in Drawing & Painting
Fredric A. (Bud) Bethke Memorial Football Scholarship
Friends of the UNC Libraries Fund
Frosty & Cynthia Frease English Scholarship


Garth Allen Distinguished Chair
Gary & Henry Walker Baseball Scholarship
Gary Loo Athletic Scholarship
Gayle K. Lord Scholarship
Gaylord & Mercedes Morrison Scholarship
Genevieve & William Harrington Scholarship
George & Liz Sage Scholar-Athlete Scholarship
George & Marian Gates Nursing Scholarship
George B. & Ruth A. Johnson Teaching Scholarship
George E. Vosmera Memorial Scholarship
Gerald R. Chambers - Class of 1936 - Fund
Gerald Schmidt Memorial Biology Scholarship
Gerald Shadwick Distinguished Professor of Leadership
Gift of Gardens: Nursing Scholarship
Glen C. Turner Memorial Scholarship
Glen D. Beebe Scholarship
Glenn & Clarice Wilson/Davis Scholarship
Grace M. Martin Scholarships
Graduate Faculty Merit Fellowship
Graham in Support of the Rights of Children Program
Grand Junction Scholarship
Greeley High School 49er's Alumni Scholarship
Greeley Woodmen Association Scholarship
Gregory E. & Debra K. Holman Scholarship
Guido Research Scholarship in Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership
Gwendolyn Lillis Fund


H. Robert Reinert Fellowship in Special Education
Haefeli Family Scholarship
Hank Brown Presidential Scholar-Athlete
Hank Brown President's Leadership Program Scholarship
Hardee's Athletic Award
Harley F. Glidden Research
Harry & Emily Schwilke Education Scholarship
Harry W. Brown Wrestling
Hazel E. Johnson Award
Helen Kirk Hopper Scholarship
Henry T. & Blanche L. Ginsburg Music Scholarship
Herdman-Billehus Scholarship
Hibino Global Understanding Awards
Higer Memorial Scholarship
Higer, Harrah, Chadwick Memorial Scholarship
Home Economics & Homemaking Scholarship
Homer Gammill Scholarship Award
Honors Scholarship
Howard E. & Marjory M. Smith Scholarship
Howard M. Skinner for the Arts
Howe Family Scholarship
HSS Community Advisory Board Scholarship
HSS Study Abroad Scholarship



Jack E. Henney Memorial Running Scholarship
Jack Herrick Horn Scholarship
Jack King Memorial Scholarship
Jack La Bonde/Class of 1969 Wrestling
James & Ethel Garcia Cumbres Scholarship
James A. Michener Cumbres Scholarship
James E. Lord II Student Athlete in Business Scholarship
James E. Lord Memorial Scholarship
James E. Miller Scholarship
James Elmer & Laura Dreier Newton Scholarship
James R. & Janet S. Listen Athletic Scholarship
James Schreck Chemistry Scholarship
James Upton Music History Scholarship
Jason Birch Memorial Scholarship
Jason Gammel Undergraduate in Business Scholarship
Jay & Diane Peake Business-Women-Hoops Scholarship
Jean Schober Morrell Dean of Students Distinguished Service Scholarship
Jeannette Lacey Art Education Scholarship
Jeff Miller Football Scholarship
Jennifer Hudgens Memorial Scholarship
Jerry L. Gress Memorial Provost's Academic Scholarship
Jerry Tanner Leadership Scholarship
Jill Shelton Braden Memorial Scholarship
Joann & Donald Harris Scholarship
Joe Glenn Scholarship
Joe Tennessen Family Scholarship in Athletics
Joe Tennessen Family Scholarshipin Performing & Visual Arts
John & Joan Harrison English Scholarship
John & Pearl Haley Teacher Fund
John A. Damgaard, Jr. Fund
John C. Bromley Scholarship
John D. & Hanna Ross Athletic Scholarship
John E. Chadwick Fund
John Gapter Memorial Scholarship
John Henry & Margaret E. Scheidt Nursing Scholarship
John Makelke Provost's Academic Scholarship
John Seelmeyer Award
John W. Hancock Scholarship
John W. Zurbrigen Athletic Scholarship
JPMorgan Chase Graduate Fellowship in Music Technology
Judy Farr Center Ednowment
Jules S. & Obera Doubenmier Scholarship in Recreation
Julia Klug Scholarship
Julie Zalikowski & David Cissell Chemistry Fund
Justin Steffen Memorial Scholarship


K. Christmann & I. Simmons Musical Theatre Scholarship
Karen Alvarez Memorial Special Education Scholarship
Karen James Memorial Scholarship
Katherene R. Harwig Foundation
Kathleen P. & Lewis W. Littler Scholarship
Kathryn L. Glover Memorial Book Fund
Katie Lynn Edmonds Behavioral Ecology Laboratory
Kay & Tom Norton Scholarship
Keith R. & Kathie R. Finger Undergraduate Scholarship
Kenneth & Barbara Blehm Scholarship
Kenneth G. Evans Oboe Scholarship
Kenneth J. & Beatrice E. Hansen Scholarship
Kenneth Singleton Scholarship
Kephart Center Fund
Kern Family Athletic Scholarship
Kevin & Anne Ahern College of Business
Kim Hayes Memorial Fund


L. Mulling Scholarship
LaBarbara Opportunity Scholarship
Lacy Miller Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
Laura Kay Rushing Vocal Music Scholarship
Lawrence A. Gorgen Scholarship
Leadership Award for Exemplary Teachers
Lee R. West Scholarship
Lena Christine & Kathryn E. Mayer Scholarship
Leo & Gregoria Romero Scholarship
Leslie & Dorothee Trowbridge Earth Sciences Scholarship
Lester J. Skaggs Memorial Scholarship
Library Special Projects
Linda & Gary Waitschies Scholarship
Linda Coulthard-Morris Psychology Scholarship
Linda J. Carbajal Cumbres Scholarship
Linda S. French Trailblazer's Scholarship
Linnea Erikson Heiny Scholarship
Living Memorial Fund
Lois P. Ness Scholarship
Lou Piel Trailblazer's Softball Scholarship
Louise L. Cronbaugh Women's Athletics Scholarship
Lowell Graham Scholarship
LTC Mark D. Maxwell & Dr. Sheryl DeMarcus Maxwell Scholarship
Lucille C. Hartman Early Childhood Literacy Scholarship
Lucille Hopper Shafer Award
Luella Thomas Mohler Mathematics Scholarship
Lulu Pierce Lakin Scholarship Award
Lynn Johnstone Osborn Scholarship
Lyster Family Scholarship


M. Lucile Harrison Award
MacCracken Memorial Award
Marcia Morrison Willcoxon Scholarship
Marcus Garvey Scholarship
Margaret L. Yates Scholarship
Margaret Troxel Scholarship
Maria Lopez Fund
Marie H. Diggs Memorial Scholarship
Marie L. Greenwood Teacher Education Scholarship
Marie Livingston Honors Scholarship
Mario Garzella Visual Arts
Mark Giles Danielson Memorial Award
Marlene Politzer Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Martha Petrov Scholarship
Martin & Fay Candelaria Scholarship
Marty & Don Bender Scholarship
Mary & Hubert Littler Award
Mary A. Behling Scholarship
Mary Behling Women's Athletic Scholarship
Mary Ruff Early Childhood Education Scholarship
MAST Center Fund
Matilda (Mattie) Cordova Nursing Scholarship
Matt Schuman Memorial Scholarship
Matthew A. McConnell Memorial Scholarship
Max Richards Men's Tennis Scholarship
McArthur Scholarship Award
McClintock Accounting Scholarship
McDevitt-Sheehan Scholarship in Psychology & Education
McDonald's Athletic Scholarship
McMillen Football Fund
Michael C. & Judy L. Tormey Soccer Scholarship
Michener Library Fund
Mike Flannigan Memorial Scholarship
Milne Scholarship
Miriam Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
Modern Arts Midwest Scholarship
Monfort Executive Professorship Program
Monfort Fund for Performance Excellence
Monica, Ike & Gordon F. Kasel School of Music Fund
Multicultural Affairs Scholarship
Music Technology & Resource Center
Myra H. & Kenneth W. Monfort Football Scholarship


Nancy & John Scott Reentry Scholarship
Nancy Lake-Benson Fund
Nathan Clarke/Debra Cameron Memorial Fund
Native American Student Scholarship
Neal Cross Fund
Nicketti & Trader Hughes Scholarship
Nor-Colo Transport Scholarship
Norm & Marty Noe Family Jazz Scholarship
Nottingham Athletic Fund
Nottingham Field Fund
Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Nyla McNatt Penland Business Award
Nyla McNatt Penland Music Award


O. L. Troxel Scholarship
Observatory Construction Project Fund
Oliver & Betty Kolstoe Special Education Scholarship
Oliver L. Troxel Library Materials Acquisition
Oliver M. Dickerson Memorial Scholarship
Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award



Pathway to Excellence Scholarship
Patricia J. Lucas Fund
Patricia Wilkins Wells Scholarship
Paul & Vada Good Family Scholarship
Paul G. Bethke Scholarship
Paul McKee Scholarship
Pearl S. & James J. Bloch Memorial Fund
Pearson Family Band & Music Education Scholarship
Performing & Visual Arts Scholarship
Perpetual Library Fund
Pete Butler Memorial Scholarship
Peter Roknich Teaching Scholarship
Philip Ross Bachenberg Memorial Scholarship
Phyllis J. & Glenn W. McDonald Athletic Scholarship
Phyllis J. & Glenn W. McDonald Music Scholarship
President's Leadership Institute Program
President's Leadership Program Scholarship
President's University Excellence
Price & Gladys Hopkins Scholarship


Quammen/Christianson Fund
Qwest Advancement of Technology Literacy


Ray & Louise Mueller Scholarship
Ray Heimerl Scholarship Award
Raymond J. Kruse Wrestling Scholarship
Rene & Marlene Waters Athletic Scholarship
Residence Hall Association Legacy
Richard & Elaine Sandblade Scholarship
Richard & Reva Bond Community College Scholarship
Richard & Sidney Killmer Distinguished Oboe Scholarship
Richard A. Perchlik Scholarship in Political Science
Richard A. Whiteside Earth Sciences Scholarship
Richard B. & Sherrill J. Feaster Scholarship
Richard F. & Gladys M. Ball Art Education Scholarship
Richard K. Fry Physics Research Fund
Robert & Ludie Dickeson Presidential Prize For Leadership
Robert & Marilyn Clark Scholarship
Robert & Sharon Baldwin Math & Science Scholarship
Robert E. Hanna Award
Robert E. Hanna Program Support
Robert French Ross Scholarship
Robert G. Tointon Professorship
Robert James Award
Robert K. Timothy Scholarship
Robert L. Guerrero Scholarship
Robert L. Heiny Student-Athlete Scholarship
Robert O. Schulze Chair Fund
Robert Sund Memorial Award
Robert T. Stach Performing Arts Scholarship
Robin Rix Blakey Memorial Scholarship
Rodger E. & Pamela J. Kendrick Nursing Scholarship
Rodger W. Bybee Scholarship
Roland C. & Mary N. Waterman Memorial Scholarship
Rosemary Fri Women's Tennis Scholarship
Rosenberry Writers Conference Fund
Rudd-Sarell Scholarship
Rupert Goodbrod School of Music Fund
Ruth S. Lord Memorial Scholarship



S. Viola Smith Library Fund
S.T.A.R. Excellence in Theatre Scholarship
Sandra (Sandi) Kohler PVA Equipment & Program Fund
Sarah Platt Decker Memorial Scholarship
Scholars Helping Scholars
Schroeder Applied Psychology & Counselor Education Scholarship
Schweers Family Memorial Award
Sears Helgoth Distinguished Teacher Award
Senator Tilman Bishop & Mrs Wyndell La Faye Bishop Scholarship
Sharon Lee Parker Cancer Rehabilitation Scholarship
Shirlee A. Weber Scholarship
Shirley Meakins Memorial Award
Shropshire Geology Student Scholarship
Sidinger Scholarship
Sidney D. Walker African-American Scholarship
Sondra K. Hughes Memorial
Sport & Exercise Science Alumni Scholarship
State Farm Building Athletic Scholarship
State Farm Building MCB Advancement of Information Technology
State Farm Building President's Leadership Institute
Steve Mazurana Political Science Internship
Steven H. Jostes Memorial Music Scholarship
Student Health Insurance Program
Susan Spooner Graduate Scholarship & Professional Development


Taiwan Scholarship
Tara Moore Memorial Scholarship
Ted Oppelt Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership Award
The Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research
The Group Inc., Jackie Calhoon Legacy
Theo Lucas Memorial Education Scholarship
Thomas P. McNally Family Theatre Scholarship
Thomas Sutherland President's Leadership Scholarship
Thurm & Bill Wright Men's Athletic Scholarship
Tointon Institute Fund
Tom & Nona Gordon Theatre Scholarship
Tom Petroff Baseball Fund
Tony Rossi Kinesiology & Physical Education Scholarship
Trailblazer's Fund


UNC Baseball Program Fund
UNC Cancer Rehabilitation Institute
UNC Foundation Fund
UNC Foundation/Alumni Shares Scholarship



Vera Lanore Newburn Scholarship
Vic Nottingham Football
Vincent Jackson Athletic Scholarship
Vinnie Scalia Memorial Scholarship
Violet E. Stenson Education Award
Virgil E. Hughes Scholarship
Virginia C. Will Scholarship
Virginia McKrill Husman Piano Scholarship
Virginia McKrill Husman Practice Suite Fund
Virginia Sears Memorial Fund
Virginia Thornton Teacher Education Scholarship
Visual Arts Fund


Walter G. Smith Flute Scholarship
Walter S. Rosenberry III Cumbres Scholarship
Walter Schenkman Piano Scholarship
Warren H. & Clemma S. Wiggett Scholarship
Wayman & Jo Walker Scholarship
Weld County State & PERA Future Teachers Scholarship
Wells Fargo Athletic Scholarship
Wells Fargo Bank Faculty Grants
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship
Wells Fargo Cumbres Scholarship
Wendell Fuller Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Westfield MCB Financial Education Center
Wilbur E. & Dorothy M. Hall Scholarship
William E. Hewit Distinguished Professorship in History
William E. Hewit Institute for History & Social Science Education
William F. Hartman Journalism Scholarship
William H. Benson Scholarship
William J. deAtherage Memorial Scholarship
William M. Thorkildsen Scholarship
William Pfund Trumpet Scholarship
William S. Garnsey, III Scholarship
Winchester Distinguished Professorship
Winegar Music Fund
Winograd Dean of Students Scholarship
Winograd Graduate Scholarship in Performing & Visual Arts
Winograd Scholarship for the College of Business Administration
Wray Community Scholarship
Wray J. & Ruth W. Rominger Sorority Scholarship
Wrestling Fund





Zona & Harold Felderman SAFF Scholarship