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Alpha Kappa Lambda

Alpha Kappa Lambda is a collegiate social Fraternity that exists nationwide, with 44 active chapters and colonies and over 26,000 initiated members. AKΛ's ideals are centered on its five key cornerstones: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty, and Self-Support. AKΛ teaches men the commitments outlined in the Fraternity's Ritual which are not merely ideals, but areas of discipline for daily life. All brothers within the Upsilon Chapter seek to epitomize these five ideals in order to truly become Men of Character.

Our brothers are a diverse group of men coming from many states who seek to develop themselves today while working to become tomorrow's strongest leaders. At AKΛ we get the most out of our college experience and have fun doing it.

AKΛ is more than a Fraternity, it is a way of life, where one is provided with countless opportunities to build themselves into the brother and man they want to be.

Alpha Kappa Lambda

  • Motto: Aλήθειας Kαι Λόγος (Alethia Kai Logos) (Greek; Truth and Word)
  • Founded: April 22, 1914 University of California, Berkeley
  • Founded at UNC: April 16, 1999
  • Philanthropy: These Hands Don't Hurt, Cystic Fibrosis, The Great Egg Hunt, Adopt-A-School
  • Founding Ideals: Judeo-Christian Principles, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty, Self Support
  • Colors: Purple and Gold
  • Symbols: Yellow Rose, AKL Badge
  • Chapter House Address: 2002 8th Ave
  • Website: Alpha Kappa Lambda National Chapter / Alpha Kappa Lambda Local Chapter