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Waste Pickup Schedule

Waste pick up will occur quarterly:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Waste inventories or tags must be received by EHS one week prior to scheduled pick up. You (as the generator) are responsible for the proper storage and management of the hazardous waste until it is picked up by EHS. You must ensure that the waste is:

  • appropriately labeled (tag can be used for this purpose, but container must be labeled immediately)
  • within appropriate container type
  • secured (stored in an area within the generator's control or locked when unattended)
  • separated by hazard class (not stored with incompatible materials)

Containers should be made of chemically resistant materials compatible and appropriate for the waste type. Store in non-leaking, sealed containers of manageable sizes and weight. Contact EHS for directions for your specific waste type. In many cases the hazardous waste tag will provide sufficient labeling in secured areas, however, additional labeling may be required to safely identify the hazards associated with the material/waste.