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Disposal Procedures

Generator Responsibilities
A hazardous material must never be poured down the drain or placed in the domestic trash.  Hazardous waste generators and their supervisors are responsible for the proper disposal of materials in their areas.  Locations where hazardous materials or waste are used or stored must have signs posted near sinks and drains indicating proper disposal procedures for chemicals.  Proper training is required for all personnel who generate, store or handle hazardous materials.

Hazardous Waste/Material Tag
Contact Environmental Health and Safety to obtain waste tags.  Fill out all sections of the UNC hazardous waste tag and send the original copy to EHS at campus box 57.  Securely fasten the remaining copies to the waste container using the attached wire.

Waste Treatment
The EHS Department must approve of any waste treatment procedure, which may also require State approval.  Acid neutralization, distillation and evaporation are all examples of waste treatment.    Contact EHS for additional information and authorization.

For training, hazardous waste questions, and disposal procedures you may review the Hazardous Materials Management Plan.  For any additional information needed you may contact  EHS.