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Hazard Communications 

Learn more about the Hazard Communications Program here

Safety Data Sheet

Each University department is responsible for keeping a SDS for all products/supplies used within the department. An SDS must be readily available at all times.

Safety Data Sheets provide valuable information regarding a product's chemical and physical properties as well as appropriate first aid and emergency response procedures specific to the material's potential hazards. Manufacturers develop this information for all materials used in industry and business. Refer to these sheets for safe handling procedures of products you use in your work and research. The SDS should also list:

  • Ingredient information & chemical synonyms
  • Contact information of manufacturer & emergency contacts
  • Special precautions - product stability
  • Proper storage requirements
  • Incompatible materials information
  • Fire response information
  • First Aid information
  • Disposal and transportation precautions
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Toxicological information about the product

If assistance is needed in acquiring an SDS contact Environmental Health and Safety