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Fire Safety

Fire Drills 

Fire alarms alone do not ensure any person’s safety unless that person knows how to safely exit a building when the fire alarm sounds.

Fire Drills are conducted twice a year in all residence halls. The first drill is scheduled early in the fall semester.  The second drill is conducted sometime during the spring semester. 

Fire drills are also conducted on a regular basis for other University facilities such as, the Student Health Center, Recreation Center, etc.  Drills for other campus buildings are generally not conducted unless requested and scheduled by the Building Coordinator. 

When the fire alarm sounds, you should leave the building immediately, even if someone else tells you it is a false alarm. Do not use the elevator and do not assume it is an alarm test.  Fire alarms should never be taken lightly. 

Once a fire alarm is complete, you may go back into the building when personnel from the UNC Police Department, Greeley Fire Department or Environmental Health & Safety tell you it is safe to re-enter. 

To schedule a fire drill please contact Environmental Health and Safety, or call 970-351-1149 or 970-351-1963.

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