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A DREAMer is a student who is undocumented or who has deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA). There have been various efforts that allow DREAMers to access a quality and affordable education. 

The University of Northern Colorado creates opportunities for DREAMers to successfully obtain a degree at UNC. 

Download our DREAMer Brochure 

How to Apply to UNC

When you apply to UNC as a DREAMer, Undocumented, or DACA student:

  1. Apply to UNC online by starting a Bear App, and select the undergraduate or graduate option to begin.
  2. Fill out the application and when prompted to select citizenship status, choose "Nonresident/non-citizen."
  3. Then select yes for the "I am a DREAMer, undocumented or DACA student..." portion. 
  4. If you have questions while completing your application email Rudy Vargas.

Apply to UNC

 Rudy Vargas

Enrollment Coach & Recruiter

Meet Rudy Vargas, UNC's Enrollment Coach and Recruiter dedicated to providing DREAMers with the tools to enroll and be a successful student while at UNC. 

Rudy is well-versed in the variety of opportunities available to students and creates a bridge for DREAMers to access the necessary resources to make their career goals a reality. 

Hablo Español

Phone: 970-351-2910 
Email: rudy.vargas@unco.edu

Funding and Costs

We highly encourage DREAMers to also fill out UNC’s Universal Scholarship Application by the priority deadline to take advantage of the 600+ foundation based scholarships.


DREAMers who meet requirements under the Colorado ASSET Bill can receive in-state tuition to attend a public Colorado university. 

Your enrollment coach will send you the ASSET form to fill out after you graduate from high school. 

Complete the Colorado ASSET Bill Form

College Opportunity Fund

The College Opportunity Fund (COF) provides in-state students with a stipend of $75 per credit hour. COF, in tandem with UNC's institutional aid, eases financial barriers that may exist for DREAMers. 

Your enrollment coach will send you the COF form and affidavit after you graduate from high school. 

Submit College Opportunity Fund 

UNC Application for Financial Aid

UNC has an institutional aid package for qualified ASSET students. Aid is awarded based on student need and family income. There are two forms of aid: one for students living off-campus and another for those living on-campus. 

Submit a UNC Application for Aid