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Community Engaged Learning

The ENST program is committed to contributing to sustainability and student learning through community engaged learning. Several courses in our program engage the community through outreach, partnerships, service learning, and field trips. UNC has partnerships with over 130 community organizations. Community partners include government, healthcare, schools and nonprofit community organizations. The majority of these partnerships engage students in serving culturally diverse and underrepresented populations in communities. Partner organizations also acknowledge that UNC students bring knowledge and skills that enhance their enterprises.

Read more about UNC Community Partnerships here 

Community Engaged Learning Courses

ENST 315 Nature and Society

This course examines the social and biophysical aspects of nature and the environmental consequences of this use. The overall goal of our class is to understand how the interaction between people, resources, and the environment operates across different regions and societies of the world, and how this has changed over time. We will explore the geographic and physical characteristics of various resources (such as their distribution, quantity and availability), but will focus primarily on the perception and impacts and of their use. Field trips vary by semester, but may include JBS Meatpacking Facility, the Greeley Wastewater Treatment Plant, Aurora Organic Dairy, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Mineral Resources, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

For more information, please contact Dr. Barton at Karen.Barton@unco.edu

ENST 405 Senior Seminar in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

ENST 405 Senior Seminar is a required course in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Major and serves as a capstone to the program. The purpose of this course is to link academic training to a professional environment and practical application of student’s coursework. This course provides a capstone to preparing students for a wide array of environmental related careers through a guided experience in conducting a project with deliverables. Under faculty and community partner guidance, students are expected to solve problems, ask questions, generate and interpret results, and develop outputs. Students will work on actual environmental problems presented by Community Partners that include private companies such as McKinstry, governmental organizations such as the Greeley-Evans School District or the US Forest Service, and non-profit organizations such as the Middle South Platte River Alliance.

For more information, please contact Dr. Romulo at Chelsie.Romulo@unco.edu.

Community Partners

Greeley – Evans School District 6 Food Hub

Partnership Projects


  • Student interns will work with the school garden to lead projects, facilitate nutrition education, and develop new resources and lesson plans.
  • D6 is also a community partner for our ENST Senior Seminar Course.

Office of Community & Civic Engagement

The Office of Community & Civic Engagement at UNC promotes and supports academic engagement with the university and community, facilitates connections amongst faculty, students, staff and community members, and encourages partnerships that are mutually beneficial to promote community and civic health.