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Applied Studies

UNC is uniquely positioned among Colorado’s public research universities and distinguished by its focus on the teacher scholar; outreach to and support of underserved students; our faculty-student collaboration in transformative research, scholarship, and creative works; and a history of innovative education no other Colorado university can claim.

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In the ENST program we apply the teacher-scholar model through direct course engagement with faculty research and community partners as well as requiring an Applied Studies course as part of the degree program. Students fulfill their Applied Studies requirement via faculty-led directed studies and study abroad, internships with our Community Partners, or through one of our many university field-based courses. Below we highlight some of the programs and projects that ENST students have participated in, as well as a few projects currently seeking students this semester.

Directed Studies

Directed Study projects are conducted with faculty at UNC. A Directed Study is the opportunity for students to receive credit for an individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a current UNC Faculty member. The investigation must be a specific topic that is not duplicated by an existing course within the University's curriculum. The nature of the study must involve intensive use of relevant literature, materials, or techniques and the study report must reflect a synthesis of the information or techniques acquired. 

Using Maps for Owl Conservation with the Global Owl Project

The Global Owl Project is a long-term, worldwide project to advance foundational aspects of science and conservation for the world’s owls. We are looking for students interested in furthering their goal of refining maps of owl species distributions and conducting global owl diversity analyses. Under this study, students will use their GIS skills to assess range distribution of owls with regards to rarity, threatened status, and proximity to threats and protected areas.

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For more information, please contact Dr. Romulo at Chelsie.Romulo@unco.edu.

Sustainable Food Systems and Farming

In February 2015, the UNC Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENST) Program was presented with a remarkable opportunity: to lease a pre-existing farm in Northern Greeley for educational purposes. A seemingly modest proposal, UNC is now in a position to become part of a growing trend in higher education across the U.S. that incorporates experiential education with programs on sustainable food systems and agroecology. Students participate in internships and directed studies on the farm and our permaculture garden on the main campus.

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