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Staying connected with our students, community, alumni and families is important to us. We are open to your ideas on building partnerships, helping students out, participating in a community event, etc. Tell us your ideas by submitting them to our Marketing and Community Relations Manager, Jaqueline Villegas, at jaqueline.villegas@unco.edu

Join UNC Parent Newsletter

Do you have a UNC student and want to stay informed on what is happening on campus? Or want tips on how to help your student make it through the sememster? Join our monthly current parent newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Alumni Educators, Teachers

We want to stary connected with our alumni educators and build meaningful partnerships. UNC is known for our wonderful teachers and we want to continue to grow our teacher database with your help. Sign up to receive a UNC Teacher Alumni Packet and let us know how we are doing.

Campus Tours and More!

The Office of Enrollment Management and Student Access at UNC can help visitors create a meaningful campus visit. Have a group? No problem, we can help set up a group tour that is customized to your needs. Schedule your visit today!