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Bears Matter

A college degree is within the reach of all students and Enrollment Management & Student Access believes that students should have access to resources to assist achievement of this goal. Bears Matter provides proactive holistic support to students considering not returning to UNC through individualized support and resource referrals. 

Bears Matter representatives will:

  1. Provide academic resources and connections outside of the classroom;
  2. Support student navigation through the higher education system;
  3. Build student grit strategies;
  4. Assist students with finding successes and connections at UNC;
  5. Work with students at the pre-withdrawal and withdrawal stage with the number one goal being to utilize referral tools and intervention strategies in order to retain students;
  6. Gather data from students via exit interviews/one-to-one meetings in order to inform UNC reasons for withdrawal or desire to withdraw; 
  7. Develop a timetable for re-entry if student decides to withdraw.