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Enrollment Management & Student Access

Enrollment Management & Student Access is a multi-faceted organization that contributes to the recruitment of students, and advancement of learning and success, through student-centered services, learning experiences, and environments.

Enrollment Management & Student Access is comprised of the Office of Admissions, Office of Financial Aid, Housing and Residential Education, Dining Services, and Campus Recreation.  Our offices practice a Culture of CARE, which centers on Compassion, Attitude, Respect, and Empathy. We believe students will thrive when they are provided an engaging, caring and socially just campus experience.


  1. To strive to eliminate systemic inequity
  2. To increase recruitment, enrollment & retention of a diverse student body
  3. To further enhance campus and community connections
  4. To provide exceptional facilities, services and programs
  5. To identify and secure new funding sources and reallocate existing resources

Our Vision

  • Recruitment

    Using data-driven methods, we will provide an exceptional recruitment experience in order to help the University reach a total enrollment of 15,000. 

  • Student Success

    We will provide services that support the University goals of increased first to second year retention to 75% and increased graduation rates. We will strive to equalize student success of our community members. 

  • Sustainability (Environmental and Fiscal)

    We will be good stewards of University resources and invest appropriately in achieving university environmental and fiscal goals. 

  • Campus Commons

    We will advance services and partnerships necessary to support the success of the Campus Commons. 

  • International and Global Campus

    We will work to support the academic and social success of our International students; and provide experiences so our U.S. students will develop skills to work in a global society. 

  • Civic and Community Engagement

    We will provide co-curricular experiences for students that connect them to the greater community and help them integrate skills learned in the classroom. We will provide engaged learning experiences and link to already established events to the co-curriculum that are mutually beneficial to the student and the community.

  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Works

    We will use rigorous assessment methods to evaluate the effectiveness of our services. We will regularly conduct research, with the goal of publication, to share knowledge with our profession.

  • Equity, Inclusiveness and Diversity

    We will strive to provide an experience that is equitable and inclusive to all community members. We will create an environment in which students are excited to be connected and work toward achieving the University EDC recommendations.

  • Facility Excellence

    We will ensure facilities meet current and future needs of the campus and its constituents and provide recommendations for enhancement.

  • Partnership and Collaborative Environments

    We will create community alliances with local schools, community colleges, businesses, government and social agencies to advance the educational, intellectual, artistic, civic, cultural and economic aspirations of our surrounding communities