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Colorado School Data

As a service to researchers and the general public, this site provides school-level data from the Colorado Department of Education for academic years 2007 – 2013 in a single, easy-to-access location. The data are organized by year, with spreadsheets containing a wide range of variables: two methods for counting student enrollment, attendance, dropouts, graduation, postsecondary participation (except in academic year 2013), and performance on state tests in reading, mathematics, and writing.

The site provides all data in both Excel and STATA formats that can be downloaded for analysis.  Each school has been assigned a unique numeric identifier called “campus” that stays with the school through all datasets in all years, making it easy to merge various kinds of data for each school. Thus, users can create new datasets combining attributes they are interested in for a school across several years.

Another formatting step was to create new variable names that abbreviate CDE’s original names to make them easier to use in statistical coding. This site includes a searchable index for each spreadsheet in each year explaining the meaning of each new variable name. The site also includes a glossary that explains the different types of data sources, such as CSAP vs. TCAP testing and graduation vs. completion rates, and provides links to CDE’s website for additional information. The glossary applies to data in all years.

While the datasets on this site contain most student data released by CDE each year they do not include all variables in all categories. Instead, we chose variables that are used frequently in research and reports about schools’ characteristics and performance. Similarly, while the datasets include nearly all schools in the state a few may not appear in some years if they were added to CDE’s website after EII downloaded the data. For the most up-to-date data go to the CDE websites: SchoolView Data Lab for testing data (best viewed in Firefox) and the Colorado Education Statistics pages for other types of data.