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Welcome to our blog.

What drives our passion for studying the earth and the atmosphere? How can we use science to inform decisions about how we live on this planet? How do our experiences and our explorations of this world change who we are as people?

This is where we explore what it means to be a geoscientist.

How does it feel to take a plunge into the belly of the Amazon? Katie Fletcher's account of her hike through the rainforest will give you an idea! [READ FULL POST]

Makayla Lucero shares her harrowing experience riding a bike down the flank of one of Ecuador's largest volcanoes. [READ FULL POST]

Jeff Hoffman shares how his study abroad trip to Ecuador helped him see the world in a new light. [READ FULL POST]

Professional Science Master's student Elisa Klitzke finds a connection between sour-cream coated nachos and Ecuador's Cotopaxi as she contemplates a visit to one of Ecuador's most active volcanoes - and the little surprises that come along the way. [READ FULL POST]