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Students may be eligible to receive note-taking services. Note-taking allows students to be anonymously paired with a peer note-taker who is in the same class. Please discuss note-taking at your meeting with a DSS staff member.

Requesting Notes

If you are a student who has received the note-taking accommodation, Log into DSS Online and select which classes that you want to use your accomodation for.

Note-Receiver Request Form

Peer Note-Taker

Note-takers should provide well-organized, original notes for the student(s) they are assisting. Peer note-takers must submit the Note-Taker Registration Form with Disability Support Services. Once you have completed the registration form, DSS will email you a link to upload your notes on Google Drive. If you have any questions please view our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the DSS office at 970-351-2289.

Peer Note-Taker Registration


Please see the Disability Support Services for clear instructions on how to fulfill the responsibilities of the note-taker. Notes should be typed, legible, and original. Note-takers must upload their notes to Google Drive on a weekly basis so the student can prepare in advance for exams and assignments. 


Please see the Faculty Note-taker Procedures for instructions on "How to find a Note-taker"