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Student Resource Page

Do my accommodations apply to online courses?

  • YES! You are still entitled to all of the same accommodations you had during in-person courses, as applicable to the online format.


  • If you had an appointment with a staff member, this can still be conducted via Microsoft Teams
    • Prior to your appointment, DRC staff will send you a meeting invite via Teams with a phone number or video link to join during your meeting time.
  • Students may still schedule virtual or phone appointments with staff members. These can be scheduled by calling our office.
    • Staff will be using Microsoft Teams to conduct these appointments.
    • When calling, please indicate if you prefer the appointment to be conducted via video or phone call.
    • You may reach us between the hours of 9am-4pm Mon-Fri during this time.

Submitting Documentation:

During the campus closure, the DRC will not be able to accept documentation in-person. Please submit documentation via:

Taking Tests:

To support the practice of social distancing, the Disability Resource Center will not be proctoring exams for students unless they have an extenuating circumstance or need additional accommodation support.

  • As of 3/16/2020, no in-person testing will occur at the DRC. Students still schedule their exams through AIM, by selecting “Online Exam- Not Proctored at DRC”. This alerts the professor that you are requesting accommodations for this exam. It also allows them to know what specific accommodations you are requesting.
  • If you find barriers to completing online assessments, please contact DRC and your faculty member so that we can work together to determine potential, appropriate alternative assessments. Some of these barriers may include:
    • Exams requiring paper
    • Braille or alternate format printed exams
    • Scribe/reader for exams
    • Identifying assistive technology to use on personal computer
    • Other exam accommodations which may limit access online

What if I experience access barriers to my Online course?

  • Contact your instructor and the DRC for assistance and resources .
  • Take frequent breaks from the computer to reduce eye strain and fatigue. This step-by-step shows you how to reduce blue light on your PC or Mac.
  • If you find the amount of text on the screen overwhelming, use this FREE APP to break up the text to make it easier to read..
  • If you need a free screen reader for support with a visual impairment, try Non-Visual Desktop Assistant to assist in navigating your courses.
  • If you need a text-to-speech program to read aloud any exams, text, or PowerPoints in class, try the free Natural Reader program and customize the voices, upload documents, and select your speed.

Help from DRC Staff:

  • During this time, the DRC is here to support students. Please feel free to call our office (970-351-2289) or email any Staff Member regarding your questions or concerns.
  • Students may still schedule appointments with staff members. These can be scheduled by calling our office.