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Trish Jolly

Trish Jolly

Faculty Ambassador

Humanities and Social Sciences

Other Experience

I joined the University of Northern Colorado in 2006 as an adjunct in Anthropology and have since become a Senior Lecturer for Anthropology and Life of The Mind.

Since joining UNC, the most rewarding part has been refining my skill at teaching and working closely with students in ANT 110 as they begin to learn about the discipline that I love so much. This is, followed closely by my work as Faculty in Residence where I have been able to learn more about what our student lives are like outside of a classroom setting.

My approach to my role as a DRC Faculty Ambassador is largely inspired by my own journey with disabilities that have impacted my own life and that of close family members. I enjoy being able to share with students both the struggles from my personal journey and offer a place to be able to be transparent in how we all learn differently. I hope that my efforts lift the stigma that often accompanies having visible and hidden disabilities.

I am a graduate of Aims, UNC and Regis where I majored in Humanities, History and Social Sciences. I currently live on campus as a proud Greeley/UNC resident. When I’m not keeping busy with teaching and research, you can find me goofing off with my children, grandchildren and dear friends. I love being playful and doing things like karaoke, or silly parades like Tour de Fat.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to about my work with the Disability Resource Center, reach out via email: patricia.jolly@unco.edu