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Residence Hall Meal Plan Requirements

One of the benefits of living on campus is having your meals taken care of. You don't have to go shopping, you don't have to do any cooking, and best of all -- you don't have to do any dishes!

UNC students choosing to live in a residence hall are required to carry an On Campus Meal Plan throughout the academic year. Learn more about the Housing & Residential Education First-Year Student Live-On Requirement. Students who are at least 20 years old or who have at least 20 earned credits may be eligible to switch to one of the upperclassman meal plan options.

How Do You Sign Up? If you're choosing to live on campus, you will sign up for your meal plan in the online Housing & Dining contract when you choose where you want to live on campus. The 19 Meals Per Week meal plan will be automatically assigned to all students living in the residence halls in accordance with their housing contract if no other choice has been made.

living on campus

Want To Make A Change? Once you've registered for classes, you can choose a new meal plan by submitting a new contract with the online dining contract. The deadline to change/cancel your meal contract (includes On Campus Meal Plans, Off Campus Bear Plans, and Dining Dollars) is 5pm on the University published Drop Deadline:

  • Fall 2018: Friday, August 31st

  • Spring 2019: Friday, January 18th

Need more information? Email or call us at 970-351-2652.