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Fall 2020 Early Arrival Meal Options

If you are moving into your residence hall early and need meals, you can choose an Early Arrival Meal Package available from August 14th - 20th. The cost is $25 each day, and you will have access to 3 meals per day at Holmes Dining Hall. As a bonus, your Dining Dollars will be active for you to use at our Retail Dining locations (including select vending machines).

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Early Arrival Meal Options

  • Fri, Aug 14: 7 days (21 meals) = $175
  • Sat, Aug 15: 6 days (18 meals) = $150
  • Sun, Aug 16: 5 days (15 meals) = $125
  • Mon, Aug 17: 4 days (12 meals) = $100
  • Tues, Aug 18: 3 days (9 meals) = $75
  • Wed, Aug 19: 2 days (6 meals) = $50
  • Thurs, Aug 20: 1 day (3 meals) = $25

Early Arrival Cash Prices

Special cash prices are available at Holmes during this time as well:

  • Breakfast: $9.50
  • Lunch/Dinner: $11.25

By choosing to purchase the Early Arrival Meal Package, you will have access to 3 meals per day (starting on whichever day you choose) through lunch on Thursday, August 20th. Charges will go directly to your URSA bill, so you don't need to pay anything upfront.

If you are part of New Student Orientation or Lead On, please let us know when you submit your request. You will receive pro-rated pricing to accommodate meals provided for you. Fall 2020 meal plans will be active starting at dinner on Thursday, August 20th.


Once you have submitted your request, a confirmation email will be sent to you with more information within 1-3 business days. Cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours prior to your requested start date. There are no refunds for unused meals. Remember, guests are always allowed to pay cash at the door. There will be special Early Arrival pricing at Holmes -- breakfast $9.50 & lunch/dinner $11.25.

Need more information? Contact us at 970-351-2652 or diningservices@unco.edu.