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To Go Options

We understand the demands of classes and jobs may not leave you with much time to sit down in one of our dining rooms and have a meal.

No matter the reason, we have options for you to help keep you on schedule.

Bear On The Run and Gourmet To Go are both available in Holmes Dining Hall and Tobey-Kendel Dining Room.

Bear On The Run

Bear On The Run

Bear On The Run is our "hot" to go option. You can get food from the dining room (using one of our green reusable containers -- shown above) and take it with you. This option is available at Tobey-Kendel Dining Room and Holmes Dining Hall during all meals. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1
    • Go to Holmes Dining Hall or Tobey-Kendel Dining Room for your meal.
    • Hand your UNC Card to the checker and ask for a “Bear On The Run” container.
    • There is an initial $5 cost for these containers. You can choose to pay with cash or Dining Dollars. (Faculty/Staff who are on the payroll deduction program can choose to swipe twice for their container -- instead of paying cash.)
  • Step 2
    • Choose your meal. You can get 2 entrées and unlimited sides, but the lid of the container must close completely.
    • You get a biodegradable cup that will hold either hot or cold ites such as soup or a beverage.
    • Disposable utensils, cup lids/sleeves, straws, and napkins are available nearby (don't forget them).
  • Step 3 
    • Enjoy your meal!
  • Step 4
    • The next time you come back to the dining room, bring your used container with you -- we'll switch you for a clean one.
    • If you don't want to use the Bear On The Run container at that time, we'll give you a token to take with you. Then all you have to do is bring that token back the next time you swipe in and want to use a Bear On The Run container, and we'll trade you the token for a clean container. Thank you, Student LEAF, for purchasing the tokens for this program!!

Disclaimer: Please consume your take-out food within 2 hours or refrigerate at 40° or below for no more than one day. Reheat to a minimum of 165°. UNC Dining Services is not responsible for food once it leaves the dining location.

Gourmet To Go

Gourmet To Go

Gourmet To Go is a fast, easy, and convenient alternative when you don’t have much time for lunch during the week. 

Stop in and grab your "cold" to go option, Monday through Friday, in Tobey-Kendel Dining Room or Holmes Dining Hall.

Both locations offer items like:

  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Uncrustables
  • Hot Pockets

You also get to choose 3 sides (like chips, cookies, or fruit) and a beverage.

In order to continue to provide fast service to all our customers & ensure product availability, Bear Plan holders are limited to 3 Gourmet To Go or 2 Bear on the Run per meal period.

You can access daily dining room menus online or on the UNC Mobile App. Please be aware that all menus are subject to change due to product availability. 

UNC Dining Services serves and uses the following products, among others, in meal preparation: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, and products containing gluten and soy. Dietary information is available upon request. Students who have dietary or allergy-related questions or concerns about any item offered by Dining Services should contact the Dining Room Manager or the Dining Services Office. For more information or if you would like further clarification regarding Dining Services policies, please contact the Dining Services Office located in Tobey-Kendel Hall, Room 120, call 970-351-2652, visit www.unco.edu/dining, or email diningservices@unco.edu.