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Dining Room Locations

We are a full-service dining operation for the entire campus community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and guests of the University of Northern Colorado. We primarily serve students during the academic year, but we're also open during the summer months for summer conference groups and summer school students. Hours of Operation

During the academic year, you can use your meal plan in any of the following locations:

Holmes Dining Hall

Holmes is an "all you care to eat" dining room and is located just south of Turner Hall and Lawrenson Hall on west campus.

You can choose to eat in the dining room, or you can grab one of our to go options: Bear On The Run or Gourmet To Go

Tobey-Kendel Dining Room

Tobey-Kendel (TK) is an "all you care to eat" dining room and is located on central campus in Tobey-Kendel Hall.

You can choose to eat in the dining room, or you can grab a Bear On The Run if you're running short on time.

University Center Food Court & Bears Bistro

The UC Food Court is a "one time through" dining location and is located in the University Center.

Bears Bistro accepts both meal plans and Dining Dollars and is located around the corner from the UC Food Court.

students at salad bar

Make Healthy Choices

Holmes, TK, and the UC Food Court all have salad bars available, making it easy to choose healthy items every day -- including vegetarian and vegan options. Check out the daily dining room menus on Bear Bites to see what each location is serving.

students in the dining room

Create Lasting Friendships

Dining rooms are a great place to connect with old and new friends, study for an upcoming test, and of course... have a meal! Each location is different -- you should try them all!

Summer Dining Locations

During the summer, Holmes and the University Center Food Court are the only two locations open... roughly from the first week of June through the first week of August (or the end of the last summer school session). Students are welcome to purchase summer meal plans and Dining Dollars, but they are only good during the summer. View the summer dining options.