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Online Dining Contract

Once you have registered for classes, you can submit a new contract to change your meal plan. You have time to "try out" your meal plan before making changes (see deadlines in the yellow box to the right), so you can take some time to think about it.

If you will be living on campus in one of the residence halls during the academic year, you will be automatically assigned the 19 Meals Per Week + 15 Bonus Meals + 150 Dining Dollars unless you chose a different meal plan in your online housing contract. Living off campus or can't decide what to choose? Learn more about choosing the right meal plan for you.

The deadline to change or cancel your meal contract (includes On Campus Meal Plans, Off Campus Bear Plans, and Dining Dollars) is 5pm on the University published Drop Deadline:

  • Fall 2019: Monday, September 9th
  • Spring 2020: Monday, January 27th

UNC Student

I am a UNC student and would like to submit a new dining contract to either purchase a Meal Plan / Bonus Meals / Dining Dollars or change my current Meal Plan.


Important Info

  • This is a legal and binding contract and should be completed by the student only.
  • You must be registered for classes to use this contract.
  • Changes must be made by the Drop Deadline each semester.
  • Charges go directly to your student account.
  • All meal plans expire at the end of each semester. Meals DO NOT carry forward to the next semester.
  • Dining dollars will carry forward from Fall to Spring but expire at the end of the Spring semester. Summer Dining Dollars are good for the summer session only.
  • Summer meal contracts (including Dining Dollars) are good for the summer only and do not carry forward to Fall.
  • Prices listed in the contract are good for the current academic year only. If you submit a contract for the next academic year, those prices may not be listed correctly until June (when the Board of Trustees approves them).

Parent of UNC Student

I am the Parent/Grandparent/Friend/Support Person of a current UNC student and would like to purchase Dining Dollars for them using my credit card.


Important Info

  • Credit card information must be provided for payment.
  • You must have your student's Bears email address and birth date to use the online dining contract.
  • Dining dollars will carry forward from Fall to Spring but expire at the end of the Spring semester. Summer Dining Dollars are good for the summer session only.

You are eligible to cancel your meal plan if you live off campus, in Lawrenson Hall, or in the Arlington Park Apartments. If you live anywhere else on campus, you are required to carry your On Campus Meal Plan throughout the academic year.


A Few Reminders

Meal plans and Dining Dollars are added to your account manually. Typically your new contract has been added within a few hours, but it could take up to 24-48 business hours to activate, depending on when you submitted it.

After the nightly process has run, your new charges should show up on your Ursa bill. If you haven't seen your charge within 48 business hours, please contact us (diningservices@unco.edu or 970-351-2652), and we'll check the status. If you submit a contract/change on the weekend, we won't see it until the next business day.

feedback Submitting a "blank" contract does not mean you requesting to cancel your meal plan. If you are eligible and would like to cancel your meal plan or Dining Dollars, please submit your cancellation request by the deadlines listed above.

Summer meal plans and Dining Dollars are good for the summer only. Balances do not carry forward to Fall, and no refunds will be given for unused meals or Dining Dollars.