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Banquet Room Reservations

UNC Departments and student clubs/orgs are eligible to reserve the Banquet Rooms in both Holmes Dining Hall and Tobey-Kendel Dining Room during meal times. There is no cost to reserve this room, but all guests in your group must be paying customers.

For example, if a department wanted to use the Tobey-Kendel Banquet Room for a lunch meeting, the department would either need to purchase meals for their guests or have their guests purchase their meals (by paying cash or using their payroll deduction plan). If a student club or organization wants to reserve one of our banquet rooms, their group would either need to pay cash for their meals or swipe in using meal plans.

To reserve one of these rooms, please contact the Dining Services Office at 970-351-2652 or diningservices@unco.edu.

Banquet Rooms

  • Holmes Dining Hall
    • 12 tables x 4 seats = max capacity 48
    • a screen is available, but you need to bring a laptop and projector
  • Tobey-Kendel Dining Room
    • 9 tables x 4 seats = max capacity 36

You are welcome to move the tables to fit whatever you need, but please be sure to have at least 2 people pick them up and move them... dragging tables tears up our carpet.

Remember, these rooms are located in one of our dining rooms, so you are not allowed to bring in outside food or drink. Also, please refrain from taping anything on the walls... essentially, we ask that you leave the room as clean as (or cleaner!) than when you arrived.