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Dining Contract Changes

On Campus Meal Plans may be automatically prorated based on a “per day” charging structure. Bear Plan changes are based on their specific per meal price.

All contract changes must be made by the contract holder (the student) and submitted by the Drop Deadline of each semester. Changes requested are subject to verification of eligibility. Contract cancellation requests must be emailed to diningservices@unco.edu from your UNC email account by the same deadline. 

After meal plans have been loaded for the semester (Fall: first week of August / Spring: third week of December), you will receive an email from Dining Services regarding your meal plan. (If you haven't received the email and want to know what meal plan you were given, by login to URSA and look at the dining charge.) During the semester, you will be notified by email within 3 business days if you are not eligible for the contract submitted.

Dining charges/credits will appear on the student's URSA bill within 24-48 hours of the contract being processed. Online dining contracts submitted after 4pm (Monday-Friday) will be processed the next business day.

Change of Residence Rules

When a student moves from one “meal plan required” residence hall to another, the contracted meal plan will remain unchanged.

When a student moves from a “non-meal plan required” location to a “meal plan required” residence hall, the student will automatically be assigned the 19 Meals Per Week meal plan. Charges and meal plan balances will be prorated based on the official “move out/in” date. Students can choose a different On Campus Meal Plan within 10 days from the official “move out/in” date following eligibility rules.

When a student moves off-campus from a “meal plan required” residence hall, the meal plan will remain active. The student may request, within 10 days from the recorded “move out” date, to cancel or reduce their meal plan. If granted, meals (including Bonus Meals and Dining Dollars) used will be deducted from the balance.

When a student moves off-campus from a “non-meal plan required” location (students in Lawrenson Hall or the Arlington Park Apartments), meal plans will remain active; no changes will be facilitated unless the move is within the first ten days of classes.

Cancellations & Withdrawals

Students who end up not attending UNC (who have dining charges) will be given a refund based on two criteria:

  1. Residence Hall move out date (if applicable)
  2. Last time you used your meal plan

All On Campus Meal Plan charges are based on a daily rate, regardless if you used the meal plan or not. If you had an Off Campus Bear Plan, a credit will be given for unused meals.

Withdrawal Charges

In compliance with University policy, students who withdraw from UNC will be charged a percentage based on the date of withdrawal. 

  • Students who have purchased an On Campus Meal plan will be charged a percentage (including Bonus Meals and Dining Dollars).
  • Students who have purchased an Off Campus Bear Plan will be credited for unused meals.
  • Students who have purchased Dining Dollars separately will be credited for unused Dining Dollars.

You must be a registered student to carry a meal plan, so meal plans (including Dining Dollars) will be deactivated once you have withdrawn from the university.