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"We Feed The Bears!"

Dining Services Staff May 2019

UNC Dining Services is a large department spread out all over campus -- there are a lot of employees in our Dining Services family. But who are we, really? We asked our leadership team to share a bit about themselves.

Did you know Dining Services does more that just feed students? Of course, we do take care of the meals in the dining rooms (during the school year and the summer), multiple retail dining locations across campus (like Subway® and Munchy Mart), and concessions snacks during athletic events (football games, etc). We also provide catering here at UNC and in the surrounding areas -- as well as meals for the Senior Nutrition Program here in Weld County.

  • Dining Services Main Office

    The Dining Services Main Office is located on Central Campus in the North wing of Tobey-Kendel Hall, Room 120. Our normal hours of operation are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. For the most part, the only time the office is closed is if the University is closed.

    G. Hal Brown, FMP

    Director of Dining Services

    phone: 970-351-1967  //  email: hal.brown@unco.edu

    I have always been around food, whether it's farming, growing and producing it, cooking or managing it... or just enjoying eating it!

    I have been at the University of Northern Colorado for over 30 years. In 1982 when I came to UNC, I started working as a student in Dining Services. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Food and Nutrition with emphasis in Food Service Management from UNC in 1987.

    I currently serve as the Director of Dining Services. I provide leadership to the Residential Board Plan, which serves around 1 million meals annually in Holmes Dining Hall, Tobey-Kendel Dining Room, Bears Bistro, and the University Center Food Court. We also have multiple Retail Dining operations that are both national and in-house brands, campus snack & beverage vending, athletic & non-athletic concessions, catering, and senior meals for the Weld County Area Agency on Aging 

    Holly Wainscott, RDN

    Assistant Director for Catering, Concessions, and Retail Dining

    phone: 970-351-1983  //  email: holly.wainscott@unco.edu

    I love the energy associated with working on a university campus. I enjoy the interactions with faculty, staff, and the community -- but most especially the students!

    I am the Assistant Director for Catering, Concessions, and all of the Retail Dining locations. I am also a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, have a passion for food service, and enjoy interacting with people.

    In my spare time I enjoy yoga, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

    Matthew Doyle, RDN

    Assistant Director for Board Operations & Registered Dietitian

    phone: 970-351-1961  //  email: matthew.doyle@unco.edu

    Matthew Doyle, RDN has over 20 years of experience in University and College food service developing leaders and staff and promotes health and wellness to students. A graduate of the Minnesota State University-Mankato with a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration-Finance, he worked in the business field for several years before returning to Minnesota State University-Mankato to pursue a degree in Dietetics. Upon completion of his internship at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Mr. Doyle began his career in university and college food service as the Dining Room Manager and Dietitian at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin and served as the Associated Director of Dining for 10 years. During his tenure at St. Norbert College, Mr. Doyle served as the NFL’s Green Bay Parkers’ summer training camp coordinator. He taught leadership courses for the St. Norbert College’s Continuing Education Institute to local and regional companies and non-profit organizations including the US Postal service, Hatoc Corporation, Thilamy Papers, Wisconsin Public Service, Time Warner Cable and the Salvation Army.

    As the Assistant Director of Board Operations/Senior Nutrition, Mr. Doyle is responsible for the successful operation of the University’s two main dining halls, Tobey-Kendel and Holmes. In addition to supporting the board operation’s management team, Mr. Doyle’s responsibilities as a Registered Dietitian include working with the Weld County Senior Nutrition Program, nutritional analysis of menu items, nutritional counseling and education for students, product nutritional evaluation, implementation of HACCP, food allergy management and safety and sanitation in-servicing. Mr. Doyle shares his career expertise as a guest speaker for the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Preceptor for the UNC Dietetic Internship program and serves on the UNC Dietetic Program Advisory Board.

    He is a certified proctor and instructor for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, ServSafe, Master Trainer for MenuTrinfo Allertrain program, and is a certified facilitator for Developmental Dimension International specializing in leadership. Mr. Doyle has served on the Steering Committee and as a Preceptor for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Dietetic Internship, and has held numerous board positions for the Green Bay Area Dietetic Association including Secretary/Treasurer, Co-President and President. Mr. Doyle is a Registered Dietitian and member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Christy McDonald

    Business Manager

    phone: 970-351-1962  //  email: christy.mcdonald@unco.edu

    I am a Colorado native and a 2002 graduate of UNC with a BS in Business Administration (emphasis in Marketing, and a minor in Spanish). I fell in love with Greeley while attending UNC and have since chosen to make Northern Colorado my home.

    I have an extensive background in customer service, and it is truly a passion of mine. I think our Dining Services team does an impeccable job of maintaining the highest levels of service possible. Where else can you have so many great food choices at your disposal simply by swiping a card?! I think that is pretty amazing!

    I currently serve as the Business Manager for Dining Services and am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to return to the UNC community; it feels like coming home.

    Bob Baxley

    Vending Manager and CBORD FSS Coordinator

    phone: 970-351-2646  //  email: bob.baxley@unco.edu

    I have worked in UNC Dining Services for over 20 years. I am a 1989 graduate of UNC with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. I currently coordinate technology needs for Dining Services, as well as CBORD FSS (Food Services Suite -- the system we use that contains all of the food and recipes we prepare).

    I am married to Laura, and we have 3 children... Adrianna, Krue, and Kian... and Heidi our Jack Russell Terrier. In my spare time, I enjoy coaching my son Kian's baseball and basketball teams. I also enjoy supporting UNC Athletics. GO BEARS!

    JoAnn Doherty

    Program Assistant

    phone: 970-351-2658  //  email: joann.doherty@unco.edu

    I started working part-time as a student here at UNC in McCowen Dining Room (many, many years ago). After a couple of semesters, one of the managers figured out I could handle a computer pretty well, so I moved into the Student Secretary position. I'm thankful for that change of scenery, because I found out that I truly liked the "behind the scenes" work quite a bit.

    After graduating from UNC with a Psychology degree, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life -- but I also couldn't think of a better place to work. It was like the universe was trying to tell me to stay put, so I made UNC and Dining Services my "home away from home." I started my full-time path here at UNC as an Administrative Assistant in the Dining Services main office, and now I'm the only Program Assistant in Dining Services.

    Once a Bear, always a Bear!!

    Lisa Bowker

    Administrative Assistant

    phone: 970-351-2652  //  email: lisa.bowker@unco.edu

    I’m a Kansas native but have lived in Colorado since 2008 -- and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and especially my dogs. I typically devote any down time I get to some of my favorite hobbies: photography, paper crafting, and painting.

    I began working for UNC Dining Services in 2009, and have found that I truly appreciate being a part of an organization that is continually changing, growing, and striving to provide an inclusive environment not only for our students, but also for faculty, staff, and guests on campus -- as well as in the community. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Greeley and UNC.

    GO BEARS!!

    Lee Nelson

    Maintenance (AKA Our "Fix It Guy")

    phone: 970-351-2652  //  email: lee.nelson@unco.edu

    I have been at UNC for over 10 years now. My job in Dining Service covers anything maintenance-related for all of Dining Services... including all of the dining locations, the UC Food Court, Catering, Retail Dining, and Concessions.

    I went to University High School here on the UNC campus as well as Aims Community College. I am married to Jan (who also works in Dining Services) and we have 2 kids, Ashlee and Brandon. We're all very excited to welcome a grandson into the family!!

    In my spare time during the summer, I am a Wrangler for the Greeley Stampede -- and have been for over 15 years. I am currently a Trail Boss over the Guest Ranch and Information station. I also enjoy going to the lake and hanging out at the in-law’s pool.

  • Holmes Dining Hall

    Holmes Dining Hall is located on West Campus, just south of Turner Hall and Lawrenson Hall - and north of the very large (usually really full) parking lot.

    Kellie Goya

    Unit Manager

    phone: 970-351-3800  //  email: kellieann.goya@unco.edu

    I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawai’i and came to UNC to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. As a freshman here at UNC, I began working at Holmes Dining Hall, where I later became a student supervisor. After 4 years as a student in Dining Services, I was promoted to the Student Personnel Supervisor and then the Unit Manager at Tobey-Kendel Dining Room. I now oversee operations at both Holmes and Tobey-Kendel.

    During this time I have discovered my passion for food and recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from UNC. The best part of my job is interacting with all of our customers, student employees, and staff every day and being able to provide them with great food and great service.

    When I have free time away from work, I enjoy spending it with my friends and family and crafting. 

    Mark Gebhardt, FMP

    Student Personnel Supervisor

    phone: 970-351-3802  //  email: mark.gebhardt@unco.edu

    I am starting my 16th year here at UNC! I have a Masters in Higher Educational Leadership from UNC and a double BA in Restaurant and Hotel Management from another Metropolitan  State College in Denver. I’ve been working here long enough that my own kids are starting to attend UNC, on their path to becoming UNC graduates.

    My perfect fit is at Holmes Dining Hall working with the students -- both as employees and as guests. My role here is to help you -- the student -- graduate from college with classroom knowledge PLUS life skills gained from working with others.

    We have a diverse staff here at Holmes, with 30+ international students from over 13 different countries. We also have around 120 students from all over the United States. Together we provide an exceptional dining experience for our customers. Our employees have the opportunity to gain leadership and organizational skills, as well as life long connections to your fellow students.

    I look forward to meeting you when you visit Holmes Dining Hall!

    Ian Mickells

    Production Manager

    phone: 970-351-3803  //  email: ian.mickells@unco.edu

    I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. My family moved to Aurora, Colorado in 1996 -- the year the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. I moved to Greeley as a Communications undergrad here at the University of Northern Colorado in 2004.

    UNC is where I met my wife Darci. When we first met, we were brought together by food. Myself coming from South Omaha and its meat markets and eastern European cuisine... and Darci coming from Hawaii with its cultural grinds and Asian influences.

    We continued to pursue our respective degrees with an emphasis in food service. This was initially promoted to the campus community through the cooking club we started as students, Cultural Culinary Creations. We gathered together as college students and cooked a different cultural cuisine at every club meeting. My interest in cultural foods and trying new things, lead me to a career in food service.

    Outside of my Communications internship with Dining Services at UNC in the spring of 2009, followed by my internship with Shamrock Foods distribution, my professional food career began. I worked with Shamrock foods as an Account Executive for a little over two years. Followed by several years working in the industry as a kitchen manager and chef for customers I had serviced as a sales rep.

    In 2012 I found myself back at UNC in Dining Services as an entry level display cook at Holmes Dining Hall. This was just before the birth of our daughter Yani. I wanted a job that was consistent and gave me a great platform to steadily progress as a chef. In the fall of 2015, I was given my current opportunity to lead Holmes in the Unit Chef capacity. I did not hesitate accepting this newly slated challenge. My passion for food, collaborating interdepartmentally, and the potential for professional growth as a Unit Chef is endless. I will continue to make the dining experience a memorable one for UNC’s students, faculty, and staff.

    Mitchell Wilkins

    Unit Chef

    phone: 970-351-3804  //  email: mitchell.wilkins@unco.edu

    Born and raised in Greeley, I have come to enjoy all our great state has to offer. The best days off are spent in the Colorado mountains, hiking and fishing with family and friends -- or spending a quiet evening around the campfire telling stories. I’m an avid sports fan who enjoys watching football and attending hockey games. 

    I started in the food industry 10 years ago and have worked in several restaurants ranging from short order, fine dining, catering weddings, and large scale productions. My culinary career began much earlier. As a child, I always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking alongside my grandmothers and uncles learning the family recipes. My passion for food and customer service took to flight when I became the Sous Chef at the Greeley Country Club. I was able to showcase my creativity and gained a great deal of knowledge while working for the club, from creating ice carvings and contemporary dessert presentations to menu planning and inventory management. 

    In 2016, I started with UNC as a Lead Cook. I was named employee of the year in 2017 and promoted to Sous Chef in August of 2017, just months before becoming the Unit Chef at Holmes Dining Hall. I enjoy helping and watching our team grow and look forward to continuing my education and career with the University of Northern Colorado.

    Brian Falkenberg

    Sous Chef

    phone: 970-351-3804  //  email: brian.falkenberg@unco.edu

    Brian is new to this position -- his bio will be up soon!!

  • Tobey-Kendel Dining Room

    Tobey-Kendel Dining Room is located in the middle of the Central Campus residence halls... look for the building with the little bell tower, and you've found the right one!

    Kellie Goya

    Unit Manager

    phone: 970-351-3514  //  email: kellieann.goya@unco.edu

    I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawai’i and came to UNC to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. As a freshman here at UNC, I began working at Holmes Dining Hall, where I later became a student supervisor. After 4 years as a student in Dining Services, I was promoted to the Student Personnel Supervisor and then the Unit Manager at Tobey-Kendel Dining Room. I now oversee operations at both Holmes and Tobey-Kendel.

    During this time I have discovered my passion for food and recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from UNC. The best part of my job is interacting with all of our customers, student employees, and staff every day and being able to provide them with great food and great service.

    When I have free time away from work, I enjoy spending it with my friends and family and crafting. 

    James Medina

    Student Personnel Supervisor

    phone: 970-351-3517  // email: james.medina@unco.edu

    I have lived in Colorado all my life. In my spare time, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my wife and five boys. We all enjoy the Colorado Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets, and the Denver Broncos.

    I have been employed in Dining Services for over 2 years, but I have been in the food industry for over 11 years. I owned and operated two restaurants before coming to UNC. The experience I gained from being "the guy where the buck would stop” was immeasurable. Here at UNC Dining Services, we have that same ownership mentality. It is exciting to be a part of a management team that looks to growth to better serve our students.

    Teresa Sugi

    Production Manager

    phone: 970-351-1946  //  email: teresa.sugi@unco.edu

    I consider myself blessed to have worked over 30 years at UNC in a variety of capacities. Every day is a new, fresh, and exciting opportunity to work with great people, great food, and great services. My job is to keep our coolers, freezers, and storerooms fully stocked so that our staff can create some of the best food to be found on any campus in the country!

    By far, the most enjoyable part of my job is the daily interaction with people of all ages.

    I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends, volunteering with several local organizations, and reading the occasional mysteries adventure book.

    Crystal Tweeten

    Administrative Assistant

    phone: 970-351-3522 & 970-351-3801  //  email: crystal.tweeten@unco.edu

    All my life I have been given many opportunities, supplied by mentors and people who have made huge impacts on me. First, I joined the military and proudly served my great country for many years. Then I become a counselor, served in law enforcement, created a few nonprofit organizations, and have served as a volunteer in various positions.

    In my spare time I enjoy baking, junking, and re-purposing throwaway items. I love being with my husband, two children, and five adopted dogs.

    I am new to UNC and ecstatic that the staff at the Tobey-Kendel Dining Room chose me to be a member of their staff. I look forward to a long work history at UNC and what the future here holds for me.

    Brian Mills

    Unit Chef

    phone: 970-351-3518  //  email: brian.mills@unco.edu

    I was born in Greeley and raised in Colorado. I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1981 with an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts.

    I have spent my entire working career in food service, with over 40 years total. In 2012, I joined UNC Dining Services as a Lead Cook, and in 2016, I was promoted to Unit Chef here in Tobey-Kendel Dining Room. I enjoy interacting with the students, faculty, and my fellow employees.

    On my time off, I enjoy cooking (of course), entertaining, traveling, art, and music.

    Jason Koban

    Sous Chef

    phone: 970-351-3518  //  email: jason.koban@unco.edu  

    Greeley has been my home for most of my life and I am proud to say that the University of Northern Colorado has played an important role in my family’s history. In 2015 I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in history. As a college student, I began working in a variety of food service environments. Starting with a local boutique donut shop in Manhattan, KS - I was a fortunate to be a part of the opening of what is now a very successful late-night food truck. Additionally, I gained experience working as a cook for a locally renowned café serving classic bistro favorites to the K-State campus community.

    I love food; every aspect of it. There is nothing more exciting to me than going to a new restaurant or to someone’s home and trying something that I’ve never eaten before. I am continuously thrilled, when in the kitchen I am able learn a new technique or when I can successfully implement a traditional cooking style in the production of food, be it at home or work. My love of food extends to my love of travel as well. As a student, I had the life changing experience of studying abroad in Germany which sparked in me a passion for multicultural interaction and multilingual communication both of which usually begin at the table sharing a meal. To me, one of the most powerful forces in bringing people together from all different backgrounds from all over the world is food.

    I began my career at UNC in 2017 as a cook at Holmes Dining Hall, an experience which sparked in me the joy of being a member of the University of Northern Colorado Dining Services team. In March of 2019, I came to occupy my current position as Sous Chef at Tobey-Kendal Dining Room. I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to be able to use my passion for food and cooking daily to create a dining environment which can bring people from every walk of life together as we share a meal.

  • University Center Dining

    The University Center is located between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue at 20th Street. This building houses many businesses and offices, so stop by and see what we can do for you!

    Jan Nelson

    UC Food Court and Concessions Manager

    phone: 970-351-1398  //  email: janelle.nelson@unco.edu

    I began working at UNC Dining Services in August 2006 as the Concessions and Bar Manager. In August 2008, I became the Food Court and Concessions Manager. Not only do we provide Concessions for UNC events, but also for the Colorado community including youth and high school tournaments and activities. This can be very challenging at times... but it's very rewarding at the end of the day.

    Since the Fall of 2008, the Food Court has been through many changes to accommodate our students wants and needs. In the Summer of 2013, we had a new salad bar installed to "up the variety" of items we serve. Bears Bistro has also been through many changes. The students asked and we listened. New for the Academic Year 2014-2015, we will have Bears Bistro open Monday through Thursday from 10:30am to 9:00pm and Fridays from 10:30am – 3:00pm. We are looking forward to meeting the student’s needs for a meal plan option during the times when the dining halls are closed.

    I have been married to my husband Lee for 27 years, and we have two children: daughter Ashlee (grandson Silas) and son Brandon. As a family, we enjoy spending time together... especially in the summer when we can go boating and jet skiing at the lake or just hanging out at my sister's swimming pool. And of course we enjoy spending a lot of time with our 18 month old grandson, Silas. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering for the Greeley Independent Stampede Wranglers; I have been an active member for the past 19 years.

    Jodi Auch

    Accounting Technician

    phone: 970-351-2803  //  email: jodi.auch@unco.edu

    I am an Accounting Technician for Dining Services at the University Center. I have an AAS degree in Accounting from Aims Community College and a BS in Business Administration from UNC. I worked in the grocery retail business for close to 25 years before I started working at UNC. I love meeting and interacting with our students, faculty, staff!

    I have lived in Colorado for most of my life. I have also lived in Montana and Arkansas. I have one son who is currently attending UNC. He is a 3rd generation Bear, of which I am SUPER proud of.

    In my free time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends and family. I love to attend UNC sporting events and activities. I am a Denver Broncos season ticket holder, so I especially enjoy attending Broncos games! I am a member of the UNC Dining Services Relay for Life team and participate in the Women’s Walk, which raises funds for women’s athletic scholarships.

  •  Retail Dining

    The University Center is located between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue at 20th Street. This building houses many businesses and offices, so stop by and see what we can do for you!

    Kim Soper

    Retail Dining Assistant Manager

    phone: 970-351-1329  //  email: kimberly.soper@unco.edu

    My favorite part about being a Colorado native is the amazing scenery we have here -- especially the mountains. I love the time I get to spend with my family, especially when we get together for Broncos games, as most of them live right here in Colorado.

    I have been in the QSR industry since 2000. I have gone from being a team member to a store manager and co-owner of a restaurant. I started my career here at UNC in Dining Services within the Retail Dining area in August of 2013.

    I am proud to be a UNC Bear and enjoy working with all the different staff and students here. With the diverse group of students I work with, my hope is to learn as much from them as they learn from me.

    Derek Vance

    Retail Dining Assistant Manager

    phone: 970-351-2165  //  email: derek.vance@unco.edu

    I am a Colorado native and I am a 2014 UNC graduate with a BS in Recreation, Tourism, & Hospitality. I grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado, so living on the Front Range and being so close to the mountains is very rewarding.

    I have been working for Dining Services for about 6 years now, and I have loved every minute of it. Being involved in this department has given me many opportunities and I have gained skills that I continue to implement in my daily life. I very much enjoy meeting new people and the changing atmosphere of a college campus. It makes this job all the more fun!

    An ever-growing passion of mine is gardening and all things plants related. I someday hope to open my own greenhouse.

  •  UNC Catering

    The University Center is located between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue at 20th Street. This building houses many businesses and offices, so stop by and see what we can do for you!

    Neil Riley

    Catering Manager

    phone: 970-351-1390  //  email: neil.riley@unco.edu

    I was born and raised in a military family on the West coast of Canada. In 1999, I moved with my wife, four children, and our cat to continue serving and leading student programs. After many years of working with families and leading non-profit organizations, I followed a long-time passion for food.

    I graduated from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and went on to work in dining services in Denver, Virginia, California, Vail, and most recently I had the pleasure helping to lead nutrition services for the schools in the Vail Valley. I am new to Greeley; but have already felt warmly welcomed into the UNC family and gladly call myself a Bear.

    Outside of serving the students and staff of UNC, I am a proud father and grandfather. You will often find me out and about cycling and running. I enjoy epic fantasy novels, going to movies, curling, some reality tv shows, traveling, middle-eastern food, winter, 1920’s jazz, Disney, and a hot cuppa tea.

    Ron Bennett

    Catering Production Manager and Chef

    phone: 970-351-2626  //  email: ronald.bennett@unco.edu

    Are you looking for that special touch at your meeting, certain special occasion, or wedding? At the University of Northern Colorado we can accommodate your entire request. We offer wide selection of high quality cuisine and full service.

    I have been in the culinary entertainment field for 30+ years. I have worked in various restaurants in the Denver area, and I’ve been with UNC Catering for 15 years. I’m a Colorado native, and I love the diverse cuisine we have here... especially wild game.

    I have the honor to work with some really talented chefs, cooks and culinary professionals here at UNC to provide excellent quality and safe product to our customers.

    Jen Moore

    Pastry Chef

    phone: 970-351-2626  //  email: jennifer.moore@unco.edu

    I have had the distinct pleasure of being employed at UNC since July 2017. I am originally from North Carolina. I moved to Colorado in April of 2016 for an employment opportunity at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Currently, I now live in Loveland with my pup “Emmett.”

    I have an AAS in Culinary Arts from Virginia College with a focus in pastry. The combination of creativity and making people happy is what drives my passion for the culinary industry. Also, the opportunity to learn new things and flourish in my career makes my day fun and fulfilling.

    My favorite part of this job is combining unique flavors to put new twists on a classical desserts. I’m a big advocate for “playing with your food”! I also enjoy working with locally grown and regional ingredients.

    In my spare time I love to cook, read, hike and snowboard. Living in a state like Colorado is a dream come true. There is always somewhere new to explore and interesting things to discover here.

    Working at UNC has been such an honor. I work with amazing chefs who have not only taught me so much but truly treat each other like family. And absolutely the best part of my day is interacting with the students! I look forward to continue working and growing here at UNC. Go Bears!

    Quinn Ehrman

    Sous Chef

    phone: 970-351-2626 // email: quinn.ehrman@unco.edu 

    Quinn's bio will be up soon!!

    Sterling Swanson

    Catering Supervisor

    phone: 970-351-4710 // email: sterling.swanson@unco.edu 

    I was born in Fort Collins but raised in South Florida. I moved to Greeley in 2011 to pursue a degree in Music with a minor in Psychology. Since moving to Colorado, I have met many wonderful people, done some really incredible things, and forged beautiful memories that I will never forget. I cannot see myself living anywhere other than in this beautiful state.

    In 2012, I was hired at Tobey-Kendel Dining Room as a student employee, where I instantly fell in love with the Dining Services family and feeding the Bears. I had the opportunity to work summers at the UC Food Court & UNC Catering. I worked my way up through student supervisor into a lead student supervisor and then took a job at Holmes Dining Hall in 2017 as Shift Lead. I was offered the Catering Supervisor position early 2020. My favorite part of my job is interacting -- working with and getting to know the many wonderful and uniquely individual students and customers that our university serves.

    In my free time, I continue following my passion of playing live music in front of people all over Colorado and beyond with my two bands. I also work at a local pizza shop as a cook, throwing dough and making food for Downtown Greeley. I enjoy spending time with my cat, watching Parks & Rec, and playing video games.