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About Crowdfunding at UNC

Crowdfunding is about supporting the cause that matters most to you.  Join UNC and programs across campus when you choose to support a cause through crowdfunding. The best part is that when your cause or campaign succeeds, YOU succeed. WE succeed. We know you care: Give. Share. Impact a Bear.



Choose a campaign cause that matters most to you. Select from the campaigns listed below to explore the cause, goal, description and updates from the campaign organizers.



Your gift matters to the campaign you choose to support. Every gift, no matter the size, will make an impact and move the campaign closer to its goal. Plus your gift adds you to the campaign donor wall.



Share the campaign. You have the power to make a difference when you share your support through your network. Stay connected, follow updates and encourage your network to do the same.


  1. Crowdfunding – the practice of funding a project or camping by soliciting relatively small donations of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet (e.g., GoFundMe)
  2. Campaign – a specific fund or cause within the crowdfunding platform (e.g. UNC Scholarship Fund)
  3. Program – an entity that houses a set of specific campaigns that fall under a common theme or group (e.g. Campus Commons Program houses specific campaigns for all aspects of the project)
  4. Community Funded – the crowdfunding platform that the University of Northern Colorado uses to create, manage and maintain campaigns and projects.