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Chris Jayne, M.S.

Doctoral Intern


Education & Training

I am currently working on my PhD in Counseling Psychology at Oklahoma State University. I have worked in a variety of settings throughout my training and I enjoy working with many clients from differing multicultural backgrounds. I consider myself to be social justice oriented and I have served as an ally and advocate through my training.

Current Roles

I work with individuals, co-facilitate groups, and provide supervision of other clinicians in training.

Therapeutic & Supervision Approaches

I conceptualize from an Adlerian perspective, but work integrative with clients. I believe that it is best practice to meet clients where they are, so that we can work together to foster change.

Clinical Interests

About Me

My wife and I are animal lovers who currently have three dogs (Gus, Dax, and Rocky), Bearded Dragon (Pete), and a rabbit (Hershey).