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Greeley Stories Compiled by UNC Students Featured on "The Facing Project"

UNC students who are part of The Facing Project, a nonprofit that connect people through stories to strengthen communities, had a story featured on NPR on Jan. 21 entitled, "E05 - The Legacy of Stories." Here's a synopsis of the episode:

"J.R. and Kelsey discuss the man with two spleens, the great dynamite incident of 1961, and how legacy is more than instilling values; it's valuing what's come before. Also in this episode, the two unveil an easy way to engage with The Facing Project and how to get your story featured on this show."


UNC, District 6 Awarded Funding for Partnership

A community engagement organization of college and university presidents in Colorado and Wyoming have awarded funding for a partnership between UNC and Greeley-Evans School District 6 to deliver a civics program.

District 6 Family Center

Campus Compact of the Mountain West announced that UNC and District 6 will become part of the K2H Civic Futures AmeriCorps Program. The program will engage 70 AmeriCorps members in national service focused on developing and supporting community-based learning for youth from kindergarten through graduate school, connecting academic content with real-world issues in a way that allows youth to be part of a solution for change. Through the Civic Futures program, K-12 and higher education institutions will strengthen a pathway for civic learning and engagement, creating opportunities for youth to be meaningfully involved in their communities regardless of their starting point.

The Office of Engagement will have 2 AmeriCorps Liaison positions and up to 10 member positions supporting partnerships with the Juntos Project, District 6 Family Center and Greeley-Evans School District 6. 

"We are excited to be part of the K2H Civic Futures program, and further strengthen our partnership with UNC. An important component of our strategic plan is building these partnerships, and this will help to provide our district and community with additional support for students and families," said Jesse Tijerina, director of Cultural Excellence and Parent Engagement.

“The Office of Engagement at UNC is proud to have been selected to participate in this initiative,” said UNC Professor Deborah Romero, who directs the Office of Engagement. “It will bring added resources and opportunities for our students to engage in high-impact projects that will in turn shape their learning and experience at UNC, while also paying-it-forward with local youth and our partners to address civic learning and democracy.”

Apply for a part-time Americorps position


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