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CEL Designation Application Instructions

  • 1. Getting started
    1. In order to initiate this process faculty will need:
      1. An existing course syllabus or course section and syllabus that includes Community Engaged Learning
      2. A completed Curriculum Review Form, signed by either the Unit Leader or the Program Curriculum Committee Chair
  • 2. Application
    1. Complete the CEL Application Survey in response to the 5 criteria below (copy/paste information from syllabus if applicable)
      1. Consideration Narrative: A short description explaining why the CEL designation is being requested.
      2. Pedagogy and course description: State how the course provides a structured opportunity for students to participate in community-engaged activity in order to extend course content and/or gain further understanding of course content and concepts.
      3. Mutually beneficial experience: Engaged student learning outcomes (SLOs)1 and community needs/goals are developed through collaboration and the experiential learning opportunity.  Syllabus lists the SLOs that align with or reflect UNC Guidelines for Engaged Student Learning and demonstrate mutual benefit.
      4. Assessment2: Clearly indicate how the SLOs relate to engagement. Explain how students will participate in and reflect upon the community-engaged experience. Describe the assessment method/process for engaged learning, approximately 20% of the total.
      5. Impact: A statement that indicates how the engaged learning experience will work to identify or address a community need or issue, public or private.


    1SLOs reflect UNC Guidelines for Engaged Student Learning Outcomes.

    2Assessment refers to a broad range of evaluation techniques, including time spent in or with the community, as well as products or deliverables, and assessments of learning pertaining to the community engaged learning experience. Assessment is designed to evaluate student progress with reference to the stated student learning outcomes.

  • 3. Review of the CEL Application and relevant document
    1. Office of Engagement and engaged faculty will peer review the syllabus and points I to V above.
    2. All criteria must be clearly evident to receive the CEL designation.
      1. Not evident
      2. Evident but needs clarification
      3. Clearly evident
    3. Once the review is complete:
      1. Request for clarifications: Syllabus is returned for more information, or
      2. Processed: If all criteria are evident, the Office of Engagement forwards request for approval into the Curriculum Tracker to either the AVP for Undergraduate Studies or the Graduate School.
  • 4. CEL Designation
    1. The Office of Engagement will formally notify faculty and unit/department in writing of the CEL status.