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Engagement Impact

Institutionalizing Engagement

This report informs the provost, faculty, and staff at the University of Northern Colorado and our community partners on progress and accomplishments from the 3-year plan to Institutionalize Community and Civic Engagement.

3 year plan to institutional engagement 2013-2016

Community Health and Equity Initiative (CHEI) Survey Results

CHEI survey results infographic

Over 130 community partnerships exist between the University of Northern Colorado and community, providing students with a host of opportunities for engaged learning outside of the classroom.

Eighty percent of students involved with these community-based, learning opportunities, from internships to volunteer positions, say that these experiences help build skills that prepare them for their profession. Community partners include government, healthcare, schools and nonprofit community organizations. The majority of these partnerships engage students in serving culturally diverse and underrepresented populations in communities. Partner organizations also acknowledge that UNC students bring knowledge and skills that enhance their enterprises. 

Engagement Statistics
Engagement by the numbers infographic