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About UNC Engagement

Academic Engagement Ethos

Raise understanding of academic engagement and community-based learning pedagogies by valuing diverse disciplinary and instructional approaches.

Assume a scholarly and collaborative approach to explore and research engagement; promote learning communities and foster debate from disciplinary perspectives.

Ascribe to a rigorous and ongoing assessment plan that continually informs our practices and measures the impact of institutional engagement for students, faculty, curriculum, and community.

Incentivize efforts and support commitment to increase access to training, research and scholarly activities in engagement. Offer and collaborate on internal awards, support external funding.

Maintain open and transparent communication with on and off campus constituents and communities in the co-creation of knowledge.

Join the CCE Campus Wide Committee or one of our working groups.

If you would like to be more involved in community-engaged endeavors at UNC, please visit the Committee Survey to see what opportunities are available and how you can join!