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Based on guidance from CDC and others, UNC made the difficult decision to cancel Spring 2020 graduation ceremonies. We are working on alternate plans to allow our spring graduates a chance to celebrate their commencement in the future and will share plans as soon as we are able.  Please visit our FAQ webpage for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Commencement

  • How long is the ceremony?

    The size of the graduating classes vary at each ceremony, in the fall graduate or undergraduate ceremonies can be approximately 1-1 1/2 hours long.

    In the spring the graduate ceremony is approximately 2 hours long and the undergraduate ceremony is approximately 2 1/2 hours long.

  • Do I need a ticket to get into the ceremony?

    No ticketing. Seating is first-come, first-serve for all ceremonies. However, some restrictions apply**.

    **Graduate Spring & Fall Commencement –Bank of Colorado Arena.

    IMPORTANT: Doors for each ceremony will open one hour prior to the ceremony, seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the Bank of Colorado Arena reaches occupancy limitations, guests will be redirected to the lower level of Michener Library and the Lindou Auditorium for the live broadcast

    **Undergraduate Spring Commencement Inclement Weather Plan – Bank of Colorado Arena

    IMPORTANT: If the weather for the undergraduate ceremony requires the University to use the inclement weather plan, ceremonies will be moved to the Butler Hancock Athletic Center and will be held indoors in the Bank of Colorado Sports Arena. Please note their will be a change in the graduation times for each college. Doors will open one hour prior and seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the Bank of Colorado Arena reaches occupancy limitations, guests will be redirected to the University Center Ballrooms for the live broadcast.

    **Undergraduate Fall Commencement – Bank of Colorado Arena

    IMPORTANT: Doors for each ceremony will open one hour prior to the ceremony, seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the Bank of Colorado Arena reaches occupancy limitations, guests will be redirected to theUniversity Center ballrooms for the live broadcast.

  • What is allowed into the ceremony?

    Upon entry personal items are subject to search by the UNC Police Department.

    • Personal items (purses, camera bags, diaper bags)
    • We ask that guests refrain from bringing back packs to the venue
  • Should I sit or stand during the processional?

    The commencement host on stage at the podium will help guide the audience during the program for when to stand (e.g. National Anthem, Alma Mater, Honor Guard presentation, etc).

    We would also ask that guests remove their hats/caps.

  • What should I do if the weather is questionable the week of or day of the ceremony?

    Refer to UNC's inclement weather plan.

  • Can I view the ceremony remotely?

    UNC will be streaming ceremonies live worldwide, the active link is located on the Commencement home page ten minutes prior to the start of the UNC. http://www.unco.edu/commencement/

  • How can I obtain a copy of the program or commencement speeches?

    After the ceremonies speeches will be posted to the Commencement website, programs will be posted under the past programs navigation bar.

  • I am interested in reporting on Commencement and taking photos for my publication, who do I contact?

    Reporters and photographers covering commencement for a media outlet are asked to contact Nate Haas in UNC's Public Relations office by email at nate.haas@unco.edu or 970-351-1763 to request credentials no later than two days prior to the ceremony. Those who haven't made the request in advance may not be allowed access to the field/floor, even if they have credentials from their respective outlet.

    Check-in and distribution of event credentials will be located in Butler-Hancock Hall, Champions Room number 195. Journalists will be required to show ID from their media outlet and meet the criteria stated above. A map of campus is available at: www.unco.edu/uncmap

  • Where are the restrooms?

    Restrooms can be found in two locations on the main level of Butler Hancock Athletic Center, look for the directional signage. There are also restrooms on the second floor, east side of the Butler Hancock building.

    At Nottingham Field there are restrooms located just through the gate entrances east side and on the west side upper and lower levels.

  • Where are the public phones?

    There are no pay phones in Butler Hancock Sports Arena or at Nottingham Field, however there are emergency phones located in multiple locations across campus.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Pets are not allowed in the Butler Hancock Athletic Center, nor Nottingham Field. The only exception is service animals.

  • Where is lost and found?

    All lost items found in Butler Hancock Athletic Center or at Nottingham Field will be delivered to Gray Hall (Campus Police Department headquarters).

  • Where are the designated smoking areas on near in the Butler Hancock Athletic Center?
  • Where can I stay in Greeley?

     For hotel accomodations and things to do go to the "Visit Greeley" website.

Special needs

  • Is there accessible seating for people with disabilities?

    There is limited designated seating along the first row of bleachers in the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center. This seating will accommodate the qualifying individual and one guest. We ask that extended families sit in the next row of seating above the accessibility seating to help accommodate other guests. We encourage early arrival at the ceremony, in that seating is throughout the gym and is first come, first serve. Doors open 1 hour prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

    At Nottingham Field there are designated seating areas in the bleachers on both the east and west side of the field.

  • Can I just drive up to the entrance to drop off my passengers and then go park?
  • How do we arrange for transportation via the UNC tram?

    For in the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center and Nottingham Field ceremonies, UNC will provide mobility assistance transportation via a UNC Tram for our guests, see tram locations on the parking map. Simply drop off your family member at a tram location near the closest west entrance to in the Butler Hancock Athletic Center or the north east corner of Nottingham Field and the visitors tram will take the guest to the entrance of the venue. After the ceremony, the visitors tram can return your family member to the same location at the curb for pick up.

  • Is there disability parking near the facility?

    Disability parking spaces are marked with the international symbol and there are a number of these spaces located near the facility. These spaces are reserved for vehicles that display the appropriate state-issued hang tags or license plates. Failure to display the appropriate disability identification will result in a citation.

  • Can I rent or borrow a wheelchair?

    UNC does not provide wheelchairs for rent or loan.

  • Does UNC offer shuttle service to my graduates ceremony?

    During the fall graduate and undergraduate ceremonies there is ample parking for guests on the west side of campus near the Butler Hancock Athletic Center.

    In the spring graduate ceremony guests are asked to park on the west side of campus near Butler Hancock Athletic Center (see the Parking link for additional details).

    For the spring undergraduate ceremony we have partnered with the Greeley-Evans Transit Department (G.E.T) to offer complimentary shuttle service (see attached map). Map for spring Undergraduate Ceremony- Nottingham Field, shuttle service dropoff/pickup locations. Please note lot closures and shuttle routes.

    • Shuttle Buses run from 7:45 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Departures are every 10 minutes from the stop on 22nd Street between 11th Avenue and 10 Avenue (between B lot and C lot) and stop at Nottingham Circle Drive. Shuttles are wheelchair accessible.
    • Lots closest to Nottingham Field fill early and fast, please plan accordingly to ensure that you allow enough time to arrive with time to park and/or shuttle before the start of the ceremony.
    • Disabled parking spaces are available in all lots on campus. There will be additional spaces in lots closest to Nottingham Stadium (Y lot, L lot and M lot).

UNC Catering


For questions regarding undergraduate commencement: Contact the Registrar’s Office at (970) 351-4862, option 3 or email graduation@unco.edu.

For questions regarding graduate commencement:Contact the Graduate School at (970) 351-1803 or laura.hulsey@unco.edu