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Finish What You Started

Finish what you started program

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The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative launched the Finish What You Started Program in 2021 to help Colorado residents go back to school and earn their credential or degree. The University of Northern Colorado is proud to be a partner with COSI in the Finish What You Started program and is excited to start serving students.

The program supports in two ways

  1. Providing scholarships/financial incentives
  2. Support services throughout their college experience

Do you have some college, but did not graduate or obtain your credential?
Are you thinking of re-enrolling to finish your degree? Join the UNC Finish What You Started program designed to provide you with support services to obtain college credentials or degrees.

The program combines scholarships/financial incentives with additional student support services.

  • Student coaching & mentoring
  • Referrals to tutoring & support
  • Referrals to Career services
  • Financial Literacy workshops that prepare students to budget for the future
  • Help with Financial Aid Application (FAFSA, CASFA)
  • Connections within the UNC Community and the local Greeley community
  • General college navigation support
  • Referrals to campus or local community programs and services
  • Social events, workshops, activities, and peer connections
  • Wellness, mental health, healthy living and healthy eating resources

For More Information on the Finish What You Started Program

Melisa Valtierra Tuttle
COSI Senior Coordinator
970-351-4545 | Melisa.Valtierra@unco.edu