Time for a major change?

As the spring semester approaches, students who are still experimenting in different areas of study are often looking to determine or change their majors. This USA TODAY blog post offers six questions to ask yourself before you change majors — it’s especially important to understand why you’re really making the change, what it means for your graduation timetable, and how to officially make the change (for an example, see UNC’s major change information, posted here).

Although the logistical aspects of changing your major are important, this is not a scientific process. It is also important to address your personal wants and needs. This means you should consider your talents, dreams and passions. If you are not aware of what these are yet, take the time to explore different majors and see what fits you best.

“What I did before I declared my major was take Psychology 102,” said Tea Seay, a second-year senior who changed majors five times. “I sat down with an advisor, decided that I liked the program, and then I declared the major. Try a class within your preferred major, and see if you really like it.”