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Beta Beta Beta is a national biological honors society with a nearly 100-year history of supporting biology education and research. 

Types of membership

  • Regular membership


    A $55 one-time fee


    To be eligible for Regular membership, you must: 1) be an undergraduate "major" in biology (the Bachelor's of Science degree program in Biological Sciences), 2) have completed at least one (1) term of the second year of the four year curriculum or its equivalent, 3) have completed at least three (3) semester courses in biological science, of which at least one is not an introductory course, with an average grade of B or its equivalent in those biology courses, 4) have an average grade of B in all courses, and 5) be in good academic standing.


    Regular members will receive: 1) a Tribeta Membership Certificate, 2) Honor cords for graduation, 3) a USB drive embossed with the Tribeta crest, and 4) Decals of the Tribeta crest.


    Regular members are members for life, and they are eligible to apply for Beta Beta Beta research grants.  They may also wear the official Beta Beta Beta insignia, hold chapter offices, vote on chapter membership nominations and national questions, and represent the chapter or vote at national conventions. 

  • Associate membership


    A $45 one-time fee.  Promotion to Regular membership can occur if eligibility is achieved at a later time ($10 upgrade fee).


    Associate members shall be Undergraduate students who have an interest in the life sciences, but who do not qualify for Regular membership


    Associate members will receive a Tribeta Membership Certificate


    Associate members are members until graduation with the Bachelor's degree

  • Other types of membership


    Graduate students in biology and faculty members ($55 lifetime membership fee).


    Honorary members may be elected by any chapter in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists or outstanding service to the chapter ($55 lifetime membership fee).


    Biology majors who have graduated from an institution at which a charter is later granted. Biology graduates of UNC who graduated prior to 2004 may become Phi Omicron members in this category ($55 lifetime membership fee)


    Corporations, institutions or other organizations which support undergraduate education in the biological sciences

How to join

  1. Make an appointment with the Tribeta faculty adviser (Gregory DeKrey, gregory.dekrey@unco.edu) who will verify your eligibility and complete the membership form
  2. Provide the one-time fee

The members

Members of the Phi Omicron chapter are listed by the year of initiation.  The chapter was formed in 2004.  (R = Regular, A = Associate).


Hunter Noel (R)


Shannon Baughman (R)
Yessica Rodriguez (R)
Keira Lopez (A)
Branden Lawson (R)
Claire Rozada (R)
Shukuru Rushanika (R)
Fred Jones (R)
Michael Viereckl (R)
Parker Gottsch (R)


Isabella Aspromonte (A)
Adam Abdallah (R)
Jackson Hobbs (R)
Mohamoud  Ahmed (R)
Brandan Selz (R)
Kelsey Zumbo (R)


Avrukin, Max (R)
Barratt, Donovan (R)
Browning, Carly (R)
Davenport, Jordan (R)
Herrera, Joaquin (R)
Hobbs, Tara (R)
Horgen, Casey (R)
Hunter, Alex (R)
Shepherd, Alyssa (R)


Busick, Michelle (R)
Ramos, Sebastian (R)


Ashenafi, Zacharias


Arreola, Desiree
Benson, Emily
Benton, Tabitha
Best, Hannah
Bui, Nhi
Cavazos, Hope
Evans, Stacey
Lenh, Rachel
Roberts, Nicole


Caudillo, Anna
Dunn, Amy
Gonzales, Kelsey
Kennedy, Rana
McGee, Erin
Teagarden, Riana


Lawrence, Chellsie
Roberts, Ian


Hartman, Brittney
Leyrer, Jonna
Rose, Anne
Schenk, Adrian


Achtner, Mikal
Arnold, Martha
Arnold, Tamara
Balderston, Stephanie
Benitez, Sandra
Brandt, Amber
Eulenstein, Mark
Flynn, Danielle
Graham, Peter
Gross, Ashley
Gylling, Christine
Hanson, Rachelle
Kidd, Courtney
Lee, Benjamin
Mack, Sarah
Maxey, Elizabeth
McKay, Amanda
Morfitt, Sara
Nesiba, Michelle
Packard, Benjamin
Palmer, Shalacia
Passantino, Lindsey
Terry, Alexander
Weigum, Crystal


Finnie, Megan
Gray, Mindie
Johnson, Jacqueline
Mast, Lindsey
Mieszala, Lauren
Peters, Staci
Strine, Kenneth
Williams, Carrie


Bradshaw, Mike
Kedmi, Shira


Anderson, Haley
Artz, Laura
Enewold, Taira


Bruce, David
Frank, Michelle
Hesebeck, Crystal
Langum, Linda
Rich, Audrey
Roukema, Abby
Schoeberl, Samantha


Bennet, Audrey
Hamor, Robyn Marie
Kabat, Susan
Kojima, Kira
Malone, Ariana
Stitt, Catherine
White, JenniferLyne
Winters, RachelMarie


Adams, Rick A
Broda, Jay
Brungardt, Scott
Gallagher, John M
Green, Justin
Honea, Jessica
Martin, Kelly
Ohair, M Travis
Oko, Lauren
Roehrs, Matt
Sasine, Jashua P
Smith, Nikki
Sullivan, Amanda J
Thuener, Jennifer E
Wyant, Karl