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Criminal Justice

This course is currently full, but you can contact the instructor to be put on a waiting list.

The course is designed to provide students with a general, theoretical, and practical understanding of the criminal justice system in England. Students will use this knowledge to draw comparisons to the criminal justice system in the United States. Students will travel to London where direct contact with practitioners in the English criminal justice system will occur. At that time, the similarities and differences between the two systems will “come to life.”

Over the course of the semester, we will explore the following areas:

  • The English and their system of government (compared with America)
  • The extent of crime in England and in the United States

Prior to their overseas trip, students will learn about the criminal justice system in England while drawing comparisons to the system employed in the United States. While in London, students will visit with constables and other officials from the London Metropolitan Police Force and hear lectures at New Scotland Yard. They will also tour maximum-security prisons, observe trials in both the Magistrates Court and in the Old Bailey Crown Court, and be provided with a guided experience at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Students may see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. They may take tours of Windsor Castle, Oxford University, Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and Cambridge. The tour fee includes a medieval banquet with traditional food and entertainment. Students will have ample free time during the evenings and weekends.

Successful completion of the program will include 3 undergraduate or graduate credit hours. There is a strict 10 person limit for this trip, and registration priority will be given to graduate students interested in CRJ 508-628.


  • Undergraduate Pre-requisite:CRJ 110 Topics in Criminal Justice, or junior/senior status with permission from instructor.
  • Undergraduate students must have 24 UNC credit hours completed by the time of departure with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a clean disciplinary record at UNC.
  • Graduate Pre-requisite: graduate level status.


Complete Application

Criminal Justice in London, England FLSA Application which includes:

  • Extended Campus Registration Form
  • CIE Study Abroad Application
  • Disciplinary Verification Form
  • Medical Report, Authorization, and Release

create The Disciplinary Verification Form requires a signature from the Dean of Students Office that can be obtained in the University Center, Room 3030.


A nonrefundable $400 deposit (via credit card or a check written out to the University of Northern Colorado) is due at the time of application. This will be applied against your UNC tuition and fees as explained above in the Costs section. Your deposit will only be returned if you are not accepted for the course or if the course is cancelled.


Costs for the program are estimated and may change based on fluctuations in: currency exchange rates, prices on the ground, number of students who enroll, airline prices, and other international economic factors. You will have a chance to withdraw and receive a refund on your deposit if the UNC Billed Costs are revised upward or the program is canceled by the university. Other costs not billed by UNC depend greatly on market prices, personal spending habits, and available funds. Cost estimates listed here are meant to help you plan and prepare for the program as well as calculate eligibility for financial aid.

Deposits are non-refundable and signify your commitment to participate in the program. Once you commit to participate, UNC may begin to make logistical arrangements on your behalf that may include non-recoverable costs. UNC will attempt to recover funds expended or committed on your behalf if you decide to withdraw, but any non-recoverable costs to UNC (charged by airlines, third party vendors, tour operators, etc.) will be charged to you.

  • UNC Program Fees

    Deposit: Non-refundable unless your app is denied or the course is cancelled


    Paid to UNC, due with application

    UNC Billed Costs: Includes 3 credit hours of tuition, administrative fees, insurance, airfare, excursions, some meals, lodging, and transportation in country


    Paid to UNC, due with summer semester tuition

    Total UNC Program Tuition and Fees


    Including deposit and billed amounts above

    error  Billed Costs will be charged to your UNC student account according to the regular UNC billing cycle. Please be aware that the total billable amount due must be paid upon receipt of invoice.

  • Other Costs (Not billed by UNC)

    Some meals


    Will vary per individual



    If student doesn't have passport

    Total per student