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European Summer Opera Program

This course is closed and registration is no longer open. 

Students will gain practical experience in the production and performance of complete operatic works in professional productions with Opera Classica Europa, the largest privately owned company in Germany. Students will study techniques of acting, singing, character analysis and stage direction, as well as perform in Master Classes with well-known opera singers and conductors from around the world.

Course and Sections

Students may take this course for either two or six credit hours (additional tuition applies for 6 credit hours.

Download Syllabus

  • MUS 256: Freshman and Sophomore undergraduate students – section 606 for 2 credits, section 607 for 6 credits
  • MUS 456: Junior and Senior undergraduate students – section 608 for 2 credits, section 609 for 6 credits
  • MUS 656: Graduate students – section 610 for 2 credits, section 611 for 6 credits


All participants in this course need to audition for this class; this FLSA is not open anyone who has not auditioned and been selected. 

Current UNC students can register for this course. You must have 24 credit hours completed by the time of departure with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and a clean disciplinary record at UNC. Spots are offered to those who have auditioned and been selected. 


This course is closed and registration is no longer open. 


$400 deposit paid to UNC and due with application. Non-refundable unless application is denied or course is canceled. 

$601 or $801 and due with summer semester tuition. These UNC billed costs include 2 or 6 credits, lodging, excursions, in-country transportation, admin fes and insurance.

Total UNC Tuition and Fees: $1,001 or $1,201 (depending on number of credits)

Other costs, not billed by UNC are estimates and will vary by person and are purchased individually:  

  • Airfare (estimated): $1,500
  • Meals not covered by provider: $500
  • Passport (if needed): $135

Total other costs (estimated): $2,135


You will be billed for the remaining program cost around the beginning of the academic term in which the course is delivered.

Any course material costs are assessed and paid separately. 

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