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Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3) is a small public university well-known for the quality of its teaching. The University offers a high quality and diverse educational experience. It has a strong international agenda. International students comprise 27% of the student body.

UNC students will be taking courses at the Getafe campus. Getafe is a municipality of Madrid located 10 KM south of Central Madrid. This campus has two schools: the School of Social Science and Law and the School of Humanities. The modern campus installations include two libraries, computer rooms in various buildings, audiovisual rooms, recording studios, court rooms, wireless internet access throughout the campus, and a sports center with facilities for basketball, tennis, squash, beach-volleyball and a sauna. The campus is well-connected to the city center by public transportation.

Location and Activities

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. It is the third largest city in Europe and rated as one of the 10 most livable cities in the world. The city mixes a modern infrastructure with the historic feel of its neighborhoods and streets. The city is home to many cultural landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Royal Theatre, Prado Museum, and the National Library. The city hosts a bustling night life with bars, cafes, and music satisfying every possible interest. The city is also home to a strong sporting culture. One of the most famous soccer teams in the world, Real Madrid, plays its home games in the city. Additionally, one may also see sports uniquely Spanish such as bullfighting.

Life at UC3


Students may take Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Film, Journalism, and Communication coursework in English. Students fluent in Spanish may also take coursework in Political Science or Sociology. Intensive Spanish language courses are offered prior to each semester. Students may also take one Spanish language course during the semester. There is an additional fee of 110-280 Euros for Spanish courses.

UC3M uses the ECTS credit system. You will enroll in a minimum of 24 ECTS credits a semester while abroad, which is equivalent to 12 UNC transfer credits.

Language of Instruction

English and/or Spanish

error_outline  Students taking courses in Spanish should have a strong command of Spanish.


  • This program is open to Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Journalism, Communications majors.
  • UNC can send between 2-5 students each semester.
  • Students may apply for one semester or one academic year.
  • To be eligible to apply students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and have completed at least 24 UNC credit hours.


Students must first complete the UNC study abroad application. Students meeting the minimum requirements will be selected to participate. If selected, the student will need to complete an admissions application for Universidad Carlos III de Madrid upon acceptance to UC3M.

Important Dates

Application Deadline for Summer: March 12
Fall Application Deadline: March 12
*Students can take exams early and return before Christmas for the fall semester


Students who study in Spain are required to obtain a visa before departure. The Spanish consulate requires individuals to appear in person at the Los Angeles, CA location to apply for the visa.


Students participating in exchange will pay tuition and fees to UNC. They will pay all other expenses in the host country. The budget given in US dollars is an estimate and is subject to change dependent on exchange rates. Tuition and fees estimates below are based on in-state residency rates with COF. Students will be billed at their current tuition rate.

  • Housing and Meals

    Students will have the option to live in a residence hall or participate in a unique home stay opportunity.

    Residence Halls: The student residence halls are very nice and spacious. Each hall of residence includes a cafeteria where students will be provided with meals as part of their semester rent. Students can choose to room in one of the two halls:

    • Fernando de los Rios:The hall has capacity for 380 residents distributed in 170 double rooms, 16 single rooms, 10 apartments, and 4 rooms specially outfitted for individuals with special needs. All rooms have a complete individual bath.
    • Fernando Abril Martorell: Being the newest of the residence halls, it has benefited from experience and its numerous amenities and services are unequalled. This centre has 200 rooms with 100 doubles and 100 singles, six of which are equipped for individuals with special needs. Each of the rooms has an individual bath and the double rooms have one and a half baths. There is also a living room area with a sofa and coffee table for studying and relaxing

    Home Stay: Carlos III University of Madrid, in collaboration with the Viure i Conviure Foundation of  Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya, responds  to the need for companionship of many senior citizens  in Madrid as well as the housing needs of young people studying at our University who are not from the Madrid area, by  offering  intergenerational housing.   For those students who are looking for a central location, or one close to their school, it is an alternative for free lodging in the homes of these seniors in need of companionship.

    All Housing Information and Options

  • Programs Fees (billed through UNC account)

    Tuition and Fees


    International Health Insurance


    Study Abroad/Exchange Admin Fee


    Total Program Fee


  • Estimated Additional Expenses (not billed to student account)

    The below estimated total expenses are used to help plan and prepare for the program, as well as calculate eligibility for financial aid.  Not all students will incur all the expenses above.  Note that the last line is not considered a necessary expense and is not included in the total for financial aid purposes.  All amounts listed are estimates and are subject to change depending on international economic factors, past participant reports, and on-site staff reports.  Student expenditures in-country depends greatly on personal spending habits, post- or during-program travel, and available funds.

    Housing, Meals, and transportation




    Passport/Visa/Required Documents/Photos/Immunizations (must travel to L.A.)


    In-country Health Insurance


    Texts/Course Materials


    Essential Daily Living Expenses


    Total Estimated Additional Expenses (without spending money)


    Additional Spending Money & Personal Travel (not included in financial aide calculation)