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Study Abroad in Karlsruhue, Germany

Karlsruhe University of Education is a relatively small and friendly institution specializing in the training of K-12 teachers. It was founded as a normal school in 1768 and now boasts a student population of approximately 2500. The campus is spread among several academic buildings with a lot of open space creating a tranquil and relaxed environment for study. UNC students participating in this program are eligible for the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, which covers more than half of one’s monthly living expenses.


Karlsruhe is located in Southwestern Germany. The city with 250,000 inhabitants offers a wide range of recreational, cultural, and night-life opportunities. The city is centered around a baroque era palace. Streets run circular around the palace and then in rays from the palace. The city has several beautiful parks as well as curious structures such as a miniature pyramid near the city center. The streetcar and train system gives easy access to the Black Forest, Alsace (in France), nearby cities like Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Strasbourg (France), and Freiburg.


Students will be paired with a German buddy who will aid with arrival and help orient students to the city and life in Germany. Once in Karlsruhe, there are a variety of student clubs and organizations available to foreign students, including International Club.


An intensive German course if offered preceding each semester. The Karlsruhe University of Education, offers a wide range of courses. Courses available in English include: Literature, Linguistics, Area Studies, and TESOL.

Observations in schools are available, along with the chance to teach English actively in grades 1-4, 5-9/10.

Karlsruhe uses the ECTS credit system. You will enroll in a minimum of 24 ECTS credits a semester while abroad, which is equivalent to 12 UNC transfer credits.

Instruction Language

English and/or German


To be eligible to apply students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must have completed at least two semesters of courses at UNC. This program is open to all majors. UNC has 4-5 spots available each semester to send to Karlsruhe. Students may apply for one semester or one academic year.

If students only plan to study abroad for one semester, they must apply for Spring only since German semester do not align with UNC semesters.


Students must first complete the UNC application for exchange. If selected, the student will need to complete an admissions application for Karlsruhe University of Education.

Important Dates

Fall Application Deadline: March 12
Fall/Winter Semester

Spring Application Deadline: October 1
Spring/Sommer Semester


Exchange students from non-EU countries require a residence permit to study in Germany.

Students need to apply for a residence permit no later than two months before the expiration of their entry visa (if needed), or otherwise one month after arrival in the country. The international office in Oldenburg supports students with formalities concerning the Aliens’ Registration Office (Ausländerbüro), and organizes appointments for students.

Once students receive their residence permit, they can work for 120 full days or 240 half days per year.


Students participating in exchange will pay tuition and fees to UNC. They will pay all other expenses in the host country. The budget given in US dollars is an estimate and is subject to change dependent on exchange rates. Tuition and fees estimates below are based on in-state residency rates with COF. Students will be billed at their current tuition rate.

error_outline All costs are estimated based on a five-month semester, except for housing which is calculated as a mandatory six-month lease term.

  • Housing and Meals

    Karlsruhe University of Education will assist students in finding accommodations in privately owned student residences within walking distance of the campus. The student residences are furnished. Students will have a private room with a shared living space. Students may purchase meals or snacks at campus cafeterias and bistros. Students may purchase a card similar to the UNC student ID, which can be prepaid to use at campus eateries. Student may also purchase groceries and cook for themselves.

  • Program Fees

    Program fees are billed through student's UNC account:

    Tuition and Fees


    International Health Insurance


    Study Abroad/Exchange Admin Fee


    Total Program Fees


  • Estimated Additional Expenses

    The below estimated total expenses are used to help plan and prepare for the program, as well as calculate eligibility for financial aid.  Not all students will incur all the expenses above.  Note that the last line is not considered a necessary expense and is not included in the total for financial aid purposes.  All amounts listed are estimates and are subject to change depending on international economic factors, past participant reports, and on-site staff reports.  Student expenditures in-country depends greatly on personal spending habits, post- or during-program travel, and available funds. 

    Additional expenses are not build to student account:





    Fees paid to UAS (public transport ticket)


    In-Country Health Insurance


    Passport/Visa/Required Documents/Photos/Immunizations


    Text/Course Materials


    Essential Daily Living Expenses


    Total Estimated Additional Expenses


    Additional Spending Money and Personal Travel (not included in financial aid calculation)