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Financing your Education Abroad

When you plan your education abroad participation, it is important for you to consider financial aspects of your program from the beginning. Make sure you understand how much your program is going to cost you, what it includes, what other expenses you should anticipate, and ways to fund your education abroad experience.

Different program fees and payment methods apply for various programs at UNC. In general, four payment plans exist:

  1. UNC Exchange Program: You will pay normal tuition and fees to UNC while paying for room and board upon arrival to the host institution.
  2. International Student Exchange Program: You will pay all tuition, fees, and room and board charges to UNC.
  3. International Student Exchange Program, Direct: You will receive an invoice from the UNC study abroad coordinator and then pay fees directly to ISEP. Some programs include tuition and room and board, thus they will be included on the invoice and paid directly to ISEP. Other ISEP programs only include tuition and room (to be paid to ISEP), and meal expenses will be paid in country. You should know what the program includes at time of application.
  4. Affiliated Study Abroad Program: You will pay all charges to the program provider. Most program providers require all charges be paid in advance, but payment plans can be established to work around financial aid issues.
  5. UNC Faculty-Led Program: You will pay tuition to UNC and sometimes that will include a program fee, other times the program costs will be paid directly to the program provider. Each page will indicate which payment method will be applied for individual programs.