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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all International Student Exchange Programs are on hold for Summer/Fall 2020 and employees in the Study Abroad Office are working remotely. We ask for your patience as some services may be limited and response time may increase. Staff will work diligently to respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries. University-wide updates will be published to the UNC COVID-19 information page or view study abroad information here. 

Outreach Presentation Request

Contact Information

9-digit number including area code.

Use your first.last or student email address.

Presentation Information

Please let us know how long you would like the presentation to be.

Let us know where the presentation will be located.

Give us an estimate of the number of students attending, this will help determine the amount of materials we bring.

Let us know a little about the audience - are they all undeclared freshman? All education majors? Variety of majors?

Please select all topics you would like us to cover.

Is there equipment available for a PowerPoint?

Is there anything else we should know? Tell us!